Good Anti-virus & Security Programs to Use on Windows PC

Your web browsers and application is not enough to guaranty maximum protection to your total surfing on the World Wide Web. You need better programs meant  for complete/total protection otherwise known as antivirus. These programs does the following:

  • Protects against malware
  • Protects against phishers
  • Protects against threats
  • Protects against virus
  • Protects against worms
  • Protects against trojan horse
  • Protects against hackers
  • Provides a safer means to surf the web
  • Responsible for your whole system security both online and

Here are the best antivirus programs every computer owner or internet surfer needs. They have one time or the other been reviewed and proven to best and at least gives you the confidence of staying virus free as long as they are updated regularly.


this stands to one of today’s
outstanding antivirus with the following features:
a. mail shield
b.web shield
c. real time shield
d. easy updating
e. user friendly and virus sensitive
these are few among the many
features of avast antivirus, there are basically three main types of antivirus
programs owned by avast, they are : avast internet security, avast pro and
avast free edition. you can use any of their  program/version  for a
period of thirty days after which you will be required to purchase or register
for a free license.



this is an award winning antivirus that have stood the
test of time, it is very active, efficient, effective, user friendly and
dependable. every one that knows the use of antivirus will always recommend
kaspersky for you. it is a shareware and offers thirty days trial after which
you will be asked to purchase the product key, this software can be downloaded
directly from the web and/or can be ordered for as well. to download the latest
version just search for it using the search bar by the side of this blog.


this is also an award winning antivirus that is never
mentioned if not among the top ten. it is fully functional with the following
features: pop up blocker, mail shield, web shield, real time shield and advance
security features. it can be both used by online and offline users, it is
highly recommended that you update it regularly to get the maximum protection
against virus and trojans. bitdefender offers thirty days trial after which you
will be required to insert the product key.



this is one of the top recommended antivirus for both
online and offline users, it is at times pre-installed in most new systems with
sixty days trial after which you will be required to purchase the product key.
its fractures includes all other mentioned above with real time protection. you
can also download norton antivirus from symantech web site including basic
update and many more features.

5. AVG


avg internet security turn out to be among the top ten antivirus in the
last review. its fractures include: treat sensitive, mail scanner, web
scanners, pop up blocker, real time shield and easy to use. It has got free
version   as well which can only be recommended for offline users

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this is another award winning antivirus that provides
maximum protection to users of all levels ranging from novice, average and
advance users. in short nod32 is an easy to use antivirus which provides all
basic protection including protection against hackers and phishers it can as
well be downloaded from the net by simply searching for it on google.


panda is just an anti virus that has gat the real tool to deal that real
virus its feartures includes: firewall, mail shield, web shield pop up blocking
and virus alert. it have both free version and the internet security, both of
which need to be activated and updated to get maximum protection. you may want
to try out its many wonderful features by downloading one now.



this is an award winning antivirus that have stood all
this while, for now mcafe antivirus should not be new to any one, it is one of
the most porpular antivirus with great features. it have been proven to be a
very strong antivirus with many security features, it needs advance users to be
able to use it perfectly and more efficiently.





this is not really an anti virus but it is more than an anti virus for
offline users, it disables the auto run of virus/threat from usb devices and as
such recommended for both online and offline users. it does not matter wearther
you already have an anti virus as this does in no way slow down your system.

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these are few among the many good antivirus programs we have others will
be added later. most of the features used to describe each of the antivirus are
just basic features and not just all the features.

Wrap Up:

get one antivirus today and be free from all form of internet threat and
viruses as you surf the web securely. for more information, help and comment visit
the forum @

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