How to Delete a Station on Pandora

Pandora is a popular streaming service used by lots of people around the world. It is a smart platform with quite a lot of interesting features. On Pandora, you can have as many stations as you want, and it is quite easy to delete any station when you wish. As a Pandora user, you already know that the platform tailors the music you listen to based on your “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down,” so you could create up to 100 unique stations.

However, it is important to say that when you delete a station from Pandora, it also deletes the tracks/songs you have reacted to (Thump up or down) while on the station.

How to delete a station on Pandora

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It is not obvious that you may get tired of listening to some kind of music on Pandora, and would love to delete the station. In such cases, here is how you can easily delete a station on Pandora using a computer or their mobile app.

Using a computer

  • Log in to your Pandora account using a web browser and navigate to “My Collection.” Sometimes, this option – “My Collection” may be named “My Music” or “My Stations.” So either of them you see on your account, just click on the link.
  • Hover your mouse at the station you want to delete – this action will display some buttons on the Station’s cover; actually, a Play button and an Ellipsis – the Ellipsis stands for more option.
  • Click on the Ellipsis and click on “Remove from collection.” That’s it, the station will be deleted from your Pandora account. You can repeat this process to delete as many stations as you wish
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However, Pandora Premium account users can filter their collection by Stations to make things much easier.

Using the mobile app on your smartphone

  • Launch the Pandora app on your smartphone and navigate to “My Stations” or “My Collections.”
  • Long press on the station you wish to delete
  • Select “Delete”

However, Premium account users should tap on “Collect checkmark” and then select Delete on the prompt.

You can also delete multiple stations using this technique.

What more?

If you keep seeing the deleted station when you log in with your computer, then you should check the bookmarked link – the bookmark link should be If the link contains any other entry after, then you should delete the bookmark and update it with

Recreating a deleted station

Let’s say you mistakenly deleted the wrong station from Pandora and wish to have it back. All you need do is to create a new station listening to the same song or artist that you used to create the previous station – this will bring back the deleted station with all thumb ratings.

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