How To Change Your Name On Spotify

Spotify is a popular streaming network with a couple of flexible settings. While you can customize your Spotify account to some extent, there are some settings that cannot be changed. Your Spotify username is practically not one of those things you could easily change. This is because, your username is your unique identity; thus, Spotify had made it impossible for users to actually change their username, however, unless you close your current account and create a new one with the username of your choice.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for how to change your name you Spotify, you should look towards these possible Spotify customization options.

Spotify name change

Change your display name on Spotify

A display name would only replace your username when people view your profile; it doesn’t actually change your username per se. Also, your display name will show on your playlists, and Friend Activity. The steps below is how to change your display name on Spotify using a mobile smartphone or tablet.

  • On the home screen, tap on “Settings”
  • Click on “View profile” and then “EDIT PROFILE”
  • Now tap on your display name and change it to what you wish
  • Click “Save” when done

Connect your Facebook account

By connecting your Facebook account to Spotify, your Facebook username will be used as your Spotify display name. However, if you had customized your Spotify display name, your Facebook username won’t be used, the display you choose will still be shown on your profile.

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How to connect your Facebook to Spotify?

If you signed up on Spotify using Facebook, automatically, your Facebook account has been synchronized and there’s no need trying to connect it again. However, if you signed up using an email address, below are the steps to add your Facebook account.

Using mobile smartphones or a tablet device

  • Ensure that your Facebook account is logged in on the mobile device or tablet
  • Open the Spotify app, tap “Home,” and then the “Settings” gear icon
  • Go to the “Social” menu and click on “Connect to Facebook”

Using a computer

  • Click the “Arrow down” at the top-right corner of the app’s interface
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Navigate to “Social,” lookout for the “CONNECT TO FACEBOOK” button the bottom-right corner

Note: Just in case you want to disconnect your Facebook from Spotify, you cannot do that using a mobile device or tablet. You can only disconnect from Facebook using a computer.

What more?

These are the possible ways to change your name on Spotify. Alternatively, you can close the account and create a new one using the username of your choice.

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