Social Media Etiquette for Business-MInded Bloggers

If you take to blogging seriously, you must pay attention to these best practices for business-minded bloggers.  They will definitely guide you towards creating and maintaining a blog that's not just beautiful but also engaging and very entertaining. Social media has proven to be an essential tool for numerous businessmen world-over as it is changing the way customers and businesses Read On

Top 4 Proven ways to become relevant on LinkedIn

Although LinkedIn has often been referred to as the boring brother of Facebook and Twitter, it remains the most popular social network for professionals around the world.  With over 380 million members, LinkedIn has grown its influence as a professional networking tool and can be extremely powerful when the user is aware of the platform's hidden features. However, many young bloggers are Read On

Top 6 Social Media Tools for Bloggers & SMM Managers

Social media management has become one of the core focuses for marketers today. It is one of the most effective ways for any business to get more traffic and generate new leads, and so, having an active presence on the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are a necessity. Handling various networks at the same time, on the other hand, can be challenging and actually Read On

Top 5 Must-have apps for video chats

Since their initial release in the ’80s, Smartphones have totally changed the way we communicate with each other. These days, people around the world can instantly interact and bridge the distance via texts, instant messages, emails and voice chats or calls with the simple touch of a button.Video calling which is the most recent of the developments has become a huge part and of our lives. Read On

Top 7 Facebook Tricks to increase fun and Productivity

Facebook a Social networking Platform from whom no one is unknown these days.  It allows you to connect with anyone all around the Globe and Chat with them, Share Videos & movies and many more. As everyone know How to do basic things on Facebook, Here we will Share some of the Latest Working Facebook Tricks which make your Facebook Account more interesting. So let’s Go through Read On

Top 6 Awesome Social Media Apps for iPhone and iPad

We all know that Social networks have become very popular lately, and developers have created a huge number of smartphone apps to support them and to make the virtual life of social media addicts much easier. The App Store holds hundreds of social media apps, and most likely you’ve already tried some of them – almost all social media fans know about apps like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, HootSuite, Read On