Access Bank Money Transfer Code

Access Bank Transfer Code is a mechanism or a system that lets Access Bank customers transfer funds from one account to the other, without having to go to the bank or to the ATM. It is one of those systems put in place to enforce cashless policies. It lets customers transfer huge funds, without physically moving this huge funds, which may be very risky.

With the Access bank transfer code, you don’t have to wait in long ques to transfer money, time isn’t a hindrance here, as this service is available on a 24/7 basis. In this article, you will learn about the Access bank money Transfer code and how to use the bank’s USSD system for smooth financial transactions.

Access bank money transfer code


How The Access Bank Money Transfer Code Works

The Access Bank transfer code as mentioned in the introductory paragraph, lets you transfer cash, without being physically present in a bank or at the ATM. The whole process happens on your smartphone or tablet. It a very fast and reliable process. Here are some peculiarities you should note about this service. These peculiarities are listed below:

  • The Access Bank Transfer code service requires an authentication pin to function
  • The Access Bank Transfer code doesn’t require airtime
  • The Access Bank Transfer Code works for all network
  • The Access Bank Transfer code can be used on any phone, provided it has a sim card
  • The Access Bank Transfer code service is available 247
  • Transferring fro Access bank to other banks attracts a service fee of 20 Naira. [ It will be deducted from your bank account]
  • Banks Transfer made between two Access bank account is totally free, you won’t be charged.
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Part of the peculiarities listed above is the need for authentication pin when using the Access Bank money transfer code system. This authentication pin secures the process and makes sure intruders can’t use this service on your smartphone in the absence, without your knowledge. Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to create Access Bank Mobile Money Pin.

How To Create Access Bank Mobile Pin

The Access Bank Mobile pin secures transfers made using the Access bank transfer code. Creating this PIN is a very easy thing to do. Steps to create the Access bank mobile pin are listed below:

  1. Dial *901#
  2. Input 4 in the space provided, to enter other services
  3. Now input the command number associated with creating the Access mobile pin

Access Bank Money Transfer Code (How to Transfer Money Using Access Bank Money Transfer Code)

There are two parts to the Access bank transfer code. There is a transfer code for transferring money from one Access bank account to another, and another code for transferring Access bank to other banks. i.e different codes for inter and Intra bank transfer. These codes are listed below:

Transferring Money From Access Bank To Access Bank Accounts

Intra bank transfer. To transfer money from one to Access bank account to another access bank account, use the code provided below:

  • Dial *901#1*amount number#

Transferring Money From Access Bank To Other Banks

Interbank transfer. To transfer money from one to Access bank account to an account from another bank, use the code provided below:

  • Dial *901*2*amount*account number#
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Wrapping it UP:

Now that you have learned how to use the Access Bank Money Transfer code to transfer money easily, you are admonished to keep your bank details safe. Do not disclose your transfer PIN. If have any questions concerning the process, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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