Top 10 Features of Xiaomi MIUI 11

Xiaomi MIUI 11 is the update to the existing MIUI 10. The soon to be released software has been in the works for a while now. Xiaomi has only acknowledged reports of a new proprietary operating system and gave hints of the features we should expect in the Xiaomi MIUI 11.

Xiaomi MIUI 11 Features

Based on these hints and some other reliable information sources, we put together a list of the top 10 features of Xiaomi MIUI 11.

System-wide dark mode

Similar to what you’d find on ebook apps, the feature will allow users to set their system to dark mode at night or whenever they feel the white screen light is not necessary.

Enhanced Dolby effects

the Top 10 Features of Xiaomi MIUI 11

The Chinese smartphone giant is set to bring this feature with its latest operating system.

If you know a thing or more about sound effects, you should know Dolby surround sound. The feature will improve the audio output of Xiaomi smartphones.

Battery charging status on the information screen

The MIUI 11 will be able to show your battery charging status on the information screen. This makes access to this information much more accessible and very much convenient.

Improved Voice control

MIUI 11 will come with an enhanced voice command. Users will be able to turn on their phones screen with voice prompt. This feature will take phone control to a new level of cool.

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It is a big upgrade to some of the most significant enhancement features of Tecno Camon CX and CX Air Phones.

Xiaomi MIUI 11 Best Features

18:9 photo crop

This feature is in the speculative category. News on Xiaomi’s forum suggests that the 18:9 crop function will be available on a future Xiaomi operating system.

Face and fingerprint recognition

MIUI 11 will support face and fingerprint recognition simultaneously. This feature should increase the reliability of the security scanners.

Picture Recycle bin

Xiaomi has hinted that this feature will be available on the MIUI 11. We don’t see why not as it is a feature that has been requested in the past. A picture Recycle bin will be handy and safe users the blushes of deleting their pictures mistakenly.

Child mode

This feature is said to be in the works, and we should expect to see it in future operating systems. However, it has not been confirmed if the function will make its way to Xiaomi MIUI 11.

That said, the child mode should function like most child modes, limit access to sensitive materials when a child is handling the device. Of course, adults should have the prerogative to determine which materials are sensitive and shouldn’t be consumed by a child.

Enhanced AI features

MIUI 11 is tipped to come fitted within new AI functions. The new OS will come with an Ai that is designed to learn your everyday habits and help you execute those activities. For example, after taking a screenshot and sharing it, the Ai can delete the screenshot automatically.

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Ultimate Power Saving Mode

With most OS releases, we have seen an improvement in power saving techniques of the software. The MIUI 11 won’t be any different from its predecessors or competition. The Operating system will sport power conserving features that will help users get the longest runtime from their device.

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