Complete List of GOtv Packages and Channels

GOtv Channels and Packages

The emergence of the once soaring Startimes Decoder, Placed Multi-choice ( The company behind DSTV) on their toes. Mult-choice needed a new strategy to keep them on top of the market. Startimes as at that time was offering packages cheaper than DSTV did. Most of the channels in DSTV were also present in StarTimes packages. The Panacea to defeating DSTV’s scare was a different satellite Television brand that offered packages as cheap as Startimes did while equaling offering strong signal strength, something GoTV lacked.

The successful execution of this strategy gave Muli-Choice a strong edge over Star-times, making GoTV one of the most sought after Digital satellite televisions in the world. In this article, we explore a complete list of the GoTV subscription packages and channels.

The Full List of GOtv Subscription Packages & Channels

The reason behind having different packages is to make sure everybody gets a piece of the cake, as long as you can afford to pay the entry-level package fee.

Being a digital satellite television focused on serving the market populated with customers that desire cheap subscriptions, GoTV does a good job at offering mouth-watering packages. In this article on the complete list of GoTV packages and channels, you will learn about the channels provided in different packages and price tag placed on these packages. These Packages are listed below:

1. GoTV Max – 3200 Naira per month

GoTV MAX as you might have correctly guessed is the highest GoTV package available. This package contains all the GoTV channels. GoTV channels here is maxed out. This package is designed for the fellow that desires the complete package, without sparing any.

In this package, you will find channels covering documentaries, spots, shows for kids, music, movie channels and lots more. The GoTV Max Package goes for 3200 Naira per month; you would be offered a whopping 77 channels to choose from. These channels are listed below.

  1. Discovery Family
  2. Nat Geo Wild
  3. Spice TV
  4. SuperSport Blitz
  5. SuperSport Select 1
  6. SuperSport Select 2
  7. SupersSport Select 3
  8. SuperSport Select 4
  9. SuperSport Select 5
  10. Nickelodeon
  11. Disney Junior
  12. JimJam
  13. MTV Base
  14. Hip TV
  15. AFRO Music English
  16. Sound City
  17. Planet Radio TV
  18. Faith Broadcast Network
  19. Islam Channel
  20. Emmanuel TV
  21. Dove TV
  22. GO Channel
  23. Telemundo
  24. E! Entertainment Television
  25. FOX
  26. FOX Life
  27. Sony Max
  28. BET International
  29. CBS Reality
  30. M-Net Movies Zone
  31. Eva +
  32. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  33. AfricaMagic Family
  34. AfricaMagic Hausa
  35. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  36. AfricaMagic Igbo
  37. ROK 2
  38. ROK 3
  39. Televista
  40. Trybe
  41. star Life
  42. Galaxy TV
  43. B4U Movies
  44. Zee World
  45. Trybe tv
  46. ITV Benin
  47. BISCON tv
  48. Liberty TV
  49. Tiwa n Tiwa
  50. RAVE
  51. R2TV
  52. NTA 2
  53. NTA 1
  54. eTV Africa
  55. Silverbird
  56. AIT
  57. Channels
  58. MiTV
  59. Lagos TV
  60. Wazobia Max
  61. Arewa 24
  62. WAP
  63. OGtv
  64. TCV International
  65. ONMAX
  66. NTA Parliament
  67. EBS tv
  68. BBC World News
  69. CNN International
  70. Al Jazeera
  71. Arise News
  72. TVC News
  73. NTA News 24
  74. RSTV
  75. BCOS
  76. ITV Benin
  77. Biscon TV
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2. GoTV Plus – 1900 Naira per month

GoTV Plus comes right after the GoTV Max; it is package designed for customers that desire a package that is close having the Top Notch Max Package. Looking at the difference in the number of channels, the GoTV Max package features 75 channels, whereas the GoTV Plus Package has 67 channels. This means the GoTV Max has eight channels more than the GoTV Plus Package.

Instead of having six sports channels like the GoTV Max package does, you have four sports channels here; the GoTV Max package also has more movie stations and lots more. From this brief comparison, we can say the differences between both packages is a bit negligible. If you can’t afford the GoTV Max package, the GoTV plus package may just be your best bet. Channels featured in the GoTV Plus package are listed below:

  1. Discovery Family
  2. Nat Geo Wild
  3. Spice TV
  4. SuperSport Blitz
  5. SuperSport Select 1
  6. SuperSport Select 2
  7. SupersSport Select 3
  8. Nickelodeon
  9. Disney Junior
  10. JimJam
  11. MTV Base
  12. Hip TV
  13. AFRO Music English
  14. Sound City
  15. Planet Radio TV
  16. Faith Broadcast Network
  17. Islam Channel
  18. Emmanuel TV
  19. Dove TV
  20. GO Channel
  21. Telemundo
  22. E! Entertainment Television
  23. FOX Life
  24. M-Net Movies Zone
  25. Eva +
  26. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  27. AfricaMagic Family
  28. AfricaMagic Hausa
  29. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  30. AfricaMagic Igbo
  31. ROK 3
  32. Televista
  33. Trybe
  34. Galaxy TV
  35. B4U Movies
  36. Zee World
  37. Trybe tv
  38. ITV Benin
  39. BISCON tv
  40. Lberty TV
  41. Tiwa n Tiwa
  42. RAVE
  43. R2TV
  44. NTA 2
  45. NTA 1
  46. eTV Africa
  47. Silverbird
  48. AIT
  49. Channels
  50. MiTV
  51. Lagos TV
  52. Wazobia Max
  53. Arewa 24
  54. WAP
  55. OGtv
  56. TCV International
  57. ONMAX
  58. NTA Parliament
  59. EBS tv
  60. BBC World News
  61. CNN International
  62. Al Jazeera
  63. Arise News
  64. TVC News
  65. NTA News 24
  66. RSTV
  67. BCOS

3. GOTV Value 1,250 Naira Per Month

The GOTV Value is that mid-range package that sits between high-end channels and the low-end channels. It is the kind of package you subscribe to if you are not pumped about having all the top-notch movie and sports channels.

Although there is a sports channel here, as well as movie channels, they aren’t as many as those in The GOTV Max and GOTV Plus package. Would you have a nice time with this GOTV package? Certainly, but just bear in mind you are not having all the top-notch channels. Channels included in this package are listed below:

  1. Spice TV
  2. SuperSport Blitz
  3. Liberty TV
  4. Tiwa n Tiwa
  5. RAVE
  6. R2TV
  7. NTA 2
  8. CTV Africa
  9. NTA 1
  10. Silverbird
  11. AIT
  12. Channels
  13. MiTV
  14. Lagos TV
  15. Wazobia Max
  16. Arewa 24
  17. WAP
  18. GO Channel
  19. E! Entertainment Television
  20. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  21. AfricaMagic Hausa
  22. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  23. AfricaMagic Igbo
  24. TVC Entertainment
  25. Trybe
  26. Galaxy TV
  27. Nickelodeon
  28. JimJam
  29. AFRO Music English
  30. Sound City
  31. Planet Radio TV
  32. Faith Broadcast Network
  33. Islam Channel
  34. Emmanuel TV
  35. Dove TV
  36. NTA Parliament
  37. Al Jazeera
  38. Arise News
  39. TVC News
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4. GOTV Lite 400 Naira Per Month

The GOTV Lite package is the entry-level package GOTV offers. It is the package decide for customers that just need the basics and nothing more. Despite the fact that this package is an entry-level package, GOTV did spare entertainment at all.

You have access to one sports channel and three movie channels and lots more. This package costs 400 Naira per month. GOTV Lite is the kind of package you subscribe to when you desire to give the service a test. The channels featured in this package are listed below:

  1. SuperSport Blitz
  2. Liberty TV
  3. RAVE
  4. NTA 2
  5. NTA I
  6. Silverbird
  7. AIT
  8. Channels
  9. MiTV
  10. Lagos TV
  11. Wazobia Max
  12. WAP
  13. GO Channel
  14. TVC Entertainment
  15. Galaxy TV
  16. JimJam
  17. AFRO Music English
  18. Faith Broadcast Network
  19. Islam Channel
  20. Emmanuel TV
  21. Dove TV
  22. NTA Parliament
  23. Al Jazeera
  24. TVC News
  25. NTA news 24

Wrapping it UP:

In summary, GOTV packages are very unique; it’s one of the reasons they are trending. They have split their bouquet into three package categories. As long as you are willing to spend money to get a piece of GOTV entertainment, there is something for you. Which of the GOTV packages would you like to subscribe to? Let us know in the comment section below.

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