Codes to Transfer Money & Buy Airtime From Banks W/O Internet Data

This guide is created to aid you to transfer funds between banks, buy recharge card from your bank account and check your account balance without an internet data.

It lets you do lots of banking transaction from feature phones and from areas with low data network coverage.
USSD banking codes for all nigerian banks

Codes to Transfer Funds Between Bank Accounts in Nigeria

It’s no longer a news to many that you can now transfer money to any bank in Nigeria using internet through your mobile banking app.

Also, with the introduction of USSD Banking, you can do the same without internet and you will not need to near your bank, all you need is just to have a mobile phone.

You might be out of data or maybe out of network coverage in your area and be in need to perform certain urgent transactions like paying of bills or other things, this article will help get you out.

N/B:  Before you can carry out any of these operations, the mobile number on the phone you are to use for the USSD banking Operation must be registered with the account or must be the number used in creating the account. Otherwise, the USSD Banking operation will fail.

You can always add additional mobile numbers (apart from the primary one) by contacting your bank’s customer support staff.

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Diamond Bank:


Diamond Yello Account:

If you the diamond yello account and you want to transfer to a friend using the DYA also, simply dial *710*710*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN#

Or you can dial *710# and follow the prompts.

Ecobank Bank:

With the Ecobank USSD Banking service you achieve all banking operations right on your mobile phone. E.g.: instant transfers, balance inquiry, Pay bills, Read mini-statements and also Buy airtime.

Dial *326# and follow the prompts.

First City Monument Bank (FCMB):

To use FCMB mobile banking service dial *389*214#

A welcome message will display with the following options

  • Activate with card
  • Activate with Account
  • And activate with Mwallet

Select the second option and enter your account number. Then after you will have to Contact the customer with 01-2798800 or visit any of their bank branches to generate your PIN.

When you’ve gotten the PIN, dial *389*214# and select the security option and choose Change PIN to create your owsecurity-accessss pin.

When all this is done dial *389*214# and follow the prompts for your different transactions.

Fidelity Bank:

Use *770*NUBAN Account number*Amount# to transfer from Fidelity bank to another bank.

Here is How it works:

  1. Dial *770#
  2. Enter your NUBAN Account number (Fidelity bank account number)
  3. Create a 4-digit secret PIN and you are good to go.

After creating the account,

Lemme say, maybe you want to transfer N1000 to a partner or client who is operating with First bank.

follow this steps

  • Dial *770*1234567890*1000# from the mobile number linked/registered to your Fidelity Bank account.
  • You will have to select the beneficiary bank Name (First bank).
  • Enter your transfer PIN to confirm.
  • To enable security and avoid mistakes, the beneficiaries account number will be displayed before you enter the pin.

N/B: if you operate two accounts (current and savings) with Fidelity bank and with same number, you will be debited first from your current account, then your saving account.

First Bank:

This is a customer friendly bank, they are based in making bank transactions soft, easy and comfortable for their customers.

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First bank allows you to transfer money, pay bills, withdraw money and even make purchases via USSD codes, mmmm, I think you don’t have any reason to visit the bank and stand in queue for hours just for minor transactions.

Just dial *894# and follow the prompts.

  • *894*Amount*AccountNumber# to Transfer Money (To any bank in Nigeria)
  • *894*Amount# to Buy Airtime (personal usage)
  • *894*Amount*PhoneNumber# to Buy Airtime (for a friend or other lines)
  • *894*00# Check Balance

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB):

(For GT bank inter-transfers) i.e: from a GT bank account to another GT bank account dial *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account No#.

For transfers to other banks, use *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No# e.g. *737*2*1000*1234567890#.

You will require the last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to do this.

Jaiz bank:

Jaiz bank practice a different system of mobile banking know as SMS banking. In this system, you perform all banking operation through SMS.

Customers of Jaiz Bank will have to send some certain banking instructions to 08055555700. The SMS formats are below.

S/N Transaction Type SMS Format Sample Message
2 Balance Enquiry BALANCE ACCTNO PIN BALANCE 0123456789 1234
3 Blocking of Account BLOCK ACCTNO PIN BLOCK 0123456789 1234
4 Last 5 Transactions TRANSACTIONS ACCTNO PIN TRANSACTIONS 0123456789 1234
8 Account Statement Request via Email STATEMENT REQUEST ACCTNO PIN STATEMENT 0123456789 1234

Skye Bank:

Simply dial *833# to activate and thereafter follow the prompts.

Sterling Bank USSD code

Dial *822# to create an account and thereafter follow the prompts.

Unity Bank:

For unity bank users dial *389*215# and follow prompts.

United Bank for Africa (UBA):

UBA users can now dial *919# from the registered mobile number and get on the go.

Wema Bank:

Customers of Wema bank don’t need much stress, just dial *945*BeneficiaryAccountNumber*Amount# and you are on the go.

More Wema Bank USSD codes include;

Balance Enquiry: *945*0#
Create Account: *945*1#
Cardless Withdrawal : *945*8*Amount#
DSTV Subscriptions: *945*16*SmartCardNumber#
GOTV Subscriptions: *945*17*SmartCardNumber#
Startimes Subscriptions: *945*18*SmartCardNumber*Amount#
PHCN (Prepaid and Postpaid): *945*19*MeterNumber*Amount#

Zenith Bank:

Create an account by dialing *966*0# and follow the prompts.

To check account balance dial *966*00#

For transfers money to other accounts Dial *966*Amount*Account Number#.

USSD Banking Codes to Buy Airtime from your Bank Account

Sometimes loitering up and down the street just to purchase or top-up airtime on our phones is always stressful and annoying in some cases.

Now banks tend to make it easy by introducing the Airtime recharge option in ATM machines, but still, that doesn’t do the magic cos there is always an unbeatable queue at ATM outlets.

Still trying to make things soft and comfortable, banks now introduce the use of USSD Codes for both recharging your phones and also money transfer.

Whoa! Even without  Mobile Banking Apps or in the absence of an internet data, you can perform business transactions with friends and clients, this is cool I think.

How do you achieve this? Before you can perform this USSD Banking operation, the mobile number must be registered with the account or must be the number used in creating the account, if not the transaction won’t be successful.

Download BBM apk for android from here

The Codes

Dial the USSD codes accordingly depending on the bank account you’ll like to load the airtime from. Remember to hit the “send” button (where necessary) to complete each quick USSD top-up transaction.

Access Bank:

* 901 * amount#. Access bank transfer code is *901#. This means that: to perform Access bank airtime recharge, you’d need dial *901*amount#.

Diamond Bank PLC:


Diamond bank transfer code is *937#. This means that: to perform diamond airtime recharge, you’d need dial *937*amount#. Note that airtime can only be purchased for your registered line with the Bank and N3000 daily maximum limit applies.

Diamond Bank Yellow Account:

* 710555 * phone number * amount * pin#


* 326 * amount#. EcoBank transfer code is *326#. This means that: to perform Ecobank airtime recharge, you’d need dial *326*amount#.

Fidelity Bank:

* 770 * amount#. Fidelity bank transfer code is *770#. This means that: to perform FidelityBank airtime recharge, you’d need dial *770*amount#.

First Bank:

* 894 * amount#. First bank transfer code is *894#. This means that: to perform any FirstBank airtime recharge, you’d need dial *894*amount# and *894*00# to Check Balance.

First City Monument Bank (FCMB):

Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB):

*737*amount#. E.g *737*1500#.

And to top up another phone no, dial *737*amount*person’s no#.

Heritage Bank:

To load airtime or recharge your phone from your heritage bank account, use-  *322*030*Amount#.

KeyStone Bank:


Jaiz Bank:

jaiz bank transfer code is *389*301*. This means that: to load airtime or recharge your phone from your JAIZ bank account, all you need do is – use the USSD code –  *389*301*amount#.

Skye Bank:


Stanbic IBTC Bank:


Sterling Bank:


United Bank Of Africa (UBA):

* 919 * amount#

Unity Bank:

*322*215*amount#. Unity bank transfer code is *322*215*. This means that: to perform Unity bank airtime recharge, you’d need dial *322*215*amount#

Wema Bank:

Airtime Recharge (self): *945*Amount#
Airtime Recharge (Others): *945*Beneficiaryphonenumber*Amount#

Zenith Bank:

*966*amount# or *302*amount# for Mtn users.


The listed USSD banking codes are tested enough to prove they really work. you can bank faster, smarter and more conveniently with these USSD codes.

This list will be updated as soon as some of the participating banks introduce newer codes/methods. Let us know if you encounter any challenges via the comments section.

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    dear Admin,
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    the quick codes for *945# are:
    Airtime Recharge (self): *945*Amount#
    Airtime Recharge (Others) *945*Beneficiaryphonenumber*Amount#
    Funds Transfer (All Nigerian Banks): *945*BeneficiaryAccountNumber*Amount#
    Balance Enquiry: *945*0#
    Open Account: *945*1#
    Cardless Withdrawal : *945*8*Amount#
    DSTV: *945*16*SmartCardNumber#
    GOTV: *945*17*SmartCardNumber#
    Startimes: *945*18*SmartCardNumber*Amount#
    PHCN (Prepaid and Postpaid): *945*19*MeterNumber*Amount#
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