EcoBank & Unity Bank Transfer Codes for USSD banking

The use of USSD code is the simplest and easiest method to do bank transactions without visiting your bank. This method of banking allows one to top-up airtime, transfer funds to other banks and pay bills using some certain codes. You can also request for cards and bank statements with these codes.

USSD banking doesn’t require internet service and as such is not limited to any specific class(es) of mobile phones. A customer using Nokia s40 device or other feature phones can do USSD banking with no qualms.

Last time on USSD banking tips, we talked about diamond bank transfer codes for USSD banking, but would focus on Ecobank transfer codes as well as Unity bank transfer codes for USSD banking today.

It details everything you’d need to know about Ecobank transfer codes, Unity bank transfer codes, Ecobank recharge codes and everything else about USSD banking.

 Unity Bank Transfer Codes for USSD Banking

tips on Unity bank transfer codes

Customers of Unity bank can now use USSD codes to do certain bank transactions, such as; paying bills, airtime recharge (for self and friends), inter-bank funds transfers, and etc.

To activate Unity USSD Banking, simply follow the steps below: –

  1. Ensure the SIM card present in your mobile phone is the same with the one used when creating your Unity bank account.
  2. dial *389*215# from your phone’s dialer.
  3. Enter your account number to activate.
  4. You’re set to use Unity bank’s USSD banking system.

How to transfer funds with Unity Bank’s USSD Banking system

  • dial *389*215# and select Transfers (4),
  • Enter the desired amount,
  • Carefully input the beneficiary’s account number,
  • Enter your secret PIN,
  • The transaction is completed, wait for the ALERT!
Keystone Bank Money Transfer Code

How to recharge/top-up airtime using Unity bank’s USSD banking code

  • dial *389*215# and select TopUp,
  • Enter the desired amount,
  • Enter your number or a beneficiary’s phone number,
  • Input your PIN.
  • The transaction is done.

Other services which can be carried out using Unity bank USSD banking codes includes: –

  • Bill payments.
  • ATM CardlexCash.
  • Order for bank account statements.
  • Check balance.

Unity bank USSD banking tutorial


Latest EcoBank Transfer Codes for USSD Banking

latest Ecobank Transfer Codes for mobile banking

Eco Bank A.K.A The Pan-African Bank is one of the highly-esteemed banks in Nigeria. Its customers can now practice USSD banks using the *326# code.

First, dial the code and register with your Eco bank account number, then create a secret PIN.

How to Transfer funds using Eco Bank USSD code.

  • Ensure your mobile phone is the same as the one used when creating your bank account,
  • Dial *326# and select Funds transfer.
  • Select where you want to transfer the funds to; i.e,
    1. To another Ecobank account
    2. Other banks
    3. Mobile Money schemes
  • Select the beneficiary’s bank
  • Input the amount to be transferred
  • Enter your secret PIN and click on send
  • The transaction is done.

Here’s a screenshot tutorial that demonstrates the steps to do funds transfer using Ecobank transfer codes.

Ecobank USSD Banking tutorial
How to top-up or do airtime recharge via EcoBank transfer Codes

  • dial *326# and select Buy Airtime
  • Press 1 if you’re recharging for your personal usage, or Press 2 to recharge for others.
  • Enter beneficiary’s mobile number
  • Input your secret pin and click on send.
  • The transaction is done
Download Link for your mobile Banking application

EcoBank recharge codes for USSD banking
Other services which can be accessed using ECO Bank’s USSD banking system includes;

  1. Balance inquiry
  2. Bill Payments
  3. Account statement request et al.

Wrap Up

This is a straight-forward tutorial detailing everything you need to know about Unity and Ecobank transfer codes for USSD Banking.

If you’ve got any questions to ask about this article, please drop them in the comment’s section and I’ll respond to them in shortest time possible. Also, share with friends and colleagues alike.

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  1. Nnamdi says

    when ever i dial *326# for ecobank transfer through ussd the options i see are just these two
    1. Open xpress account
    2. Deactivate Quick recharge
    3. Exit
    why is it so?. i am supposed to be given the options and the procedure to create a transfer pin and start doing the ussd transfer.

  2. Covenant Tonye Dagogo-George says

    I have never used the USSD code because it always says incorrect pin
    I’ve tried everything

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