Upcoming games that will shine in early 2014

If 2013 was a great year for the gaming industry, 2014 will be huge.
Developers are doing their best to provide players with bolder
experiences, more amazing gameplays, and increasingly more complex

It’s time to say good bye to “Grand Theft Auto V” and make
room for some upcoming video games that will certainly exceed the
expectations of all gamers out there.

Let’s have a closer look at some
groundbreaking upcoming games that will shine this early 2014.

Are you
ready to be astounded?

South Park: The Stick of Truth (March 2014)
upcoming role-playing game is based on the famous American TV series
South Park and it was developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Published by
Ubisoft and in partnership with South Park Digital Studios, the game was
estimated to be released in 2013.

Because the original publisher THQ
was shut down, they had to delay the release of the game. South Park’s
Stick of the Truth follows the adventures of the 4 famous characters
Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and Kenny, on a hysterical quest to save South

Prepare yourself to defeat underpants, crabpeople, hippies, and
some others evil forces, and use your weapons to rescue the city.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (February 18, 2014)
upcoming tower defense and third-person shooter game bases its story on
the already famous Plants vs. Zombie Android game.

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Published by
Electronic Arts and developed by PopCap Games, “Garden Warfare” will be
available for Xbox One and 360, but also for Windows.

The game promises
to shine in 2014 with its cutthroat multi-player modes where you’ll have
the chance to control your plants and zombies from a 3rd person perspective.

The Elder Scrolls: Online (Quarter 1 of 2014)
no exact release date for The Elder Scrolls, but the developers are
estimating that it will be launched this spring, somewhere in April.

part of the Elder Scrolls franchise, this adaptation of the game has
been in progress for about 5 years before it was announced in May 2012.

Set about 1,000 years before the happenings from The Elder Scrolls V:
Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls Online is in fact the newest chapter of this
incredible award-winning franchise.

For the first time since its
release, the game will bring legendary experiences to the online world.
Whether you’re looking to enjoy the game alone or with your closest
friends, the combat system of the Elder Scrolls is focused on tactics
and action; customize abilities, use armors and weapons to advance in
the game, and have a whale of a time.

Watch Dogs (Spring 2014)
have been so many rumors that Watch Dogs will break a leg when it will
finally hit the stores. Thus far, the makers have only revealed that the
game will be released in the spring of 2014.

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The action-adventure video
game was published by Ubisoft and it was developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

The action of the game is in a virtual version of the acclaimed city of
Chicago in the US. Aiden Pearce, the main character of the game, is a
skilled hacker with the ability to infiltrate into various systems to
control and gather information, thus reaching various targets and
advancing in the game.

Isn’t that exciting?

Major gaming companies
have prepared some pretty awesome video games for avid players this
2014. Starting from the most adventurous to the funniest, there’s no
doubt sooner or later you’ll find one to exceed your expectations.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure; gather your friends
together, pick a favorite character, and together start conquering the
virtual world.

Are you ready to save South Park City and laugh your guts
out with the main characters?

Post contributed by Christopher Austin, a blogger and owner of online sniper games. You can check out his gaming website here.

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