Kim Fly Master M6 Detailed Review, Specs and Price

As we wake to a new day, so also do we wake up to meet new mobile OEM's. On my research on the most affordable smartphones, I stumbled on this mobile phone manufacturing company with a kinda weird name "KimFly". They are not as popular as Xiaomi and Meizu, but has produced some successful products in the past. I bought the Kim Fly master M6 smart phone and thought it wise to put up a review Read On

How to Stop YouTube Videos Autoplay and Auto-Buffering

There are several reasons for one to think of disabling the autoplay and/or auto-buffer feature from youtube videos. One of them is when multiple videos are opened in several tabs, the videos will all keep playing to themselves. Even when you decides to pause them individually, they will keep buffering or loading from the background thereby, wasting your internet data Read On

2+1 Web Hosting Providers that Rocks!

I am a person that's addicted to using stuff that rocks! All my pals knows about this. I'm clearly allergic to anything that sucks! That's my reason for having never recommended any Nigerian Local Web Hosting Company to you guys. No doubts, Nigeria have got superior tech heads but not in matters relating to having a strong data center that's almost infallible and can always handle the kinda Read On