8 Types of Backlinks that Can Cause the Death of Your Site

The worst type of Backlinks to avoid

Bad backlinks hurt and it only makes sense that you avoid them. As an SEO expert, it may be expected that you are already familiar with the significance of Backlinks for SEO.

However, are you sure that you are also aware of those black hat backlinks that you must avoid at all costs?

If not, then this article is meant for you. In the lines to follow, I am going to explain to you in detail each backlink that hurts your website.

Therefore, it is entirely up to you to make sure that you are not falling for any of these spoiled backlinks. If you do, you will only be endangering the life of your website.

The 8 Types of Backlinks to Avoid in 2019 and Beyond

Come along with me as I take you through the eight worst type of backlinks to avoid for your commercial websites, blogs, and long term projects.

Purchased Links

Let’s just stop beating about the bush now and talk about things that matter.

Did you know that Google consciously tracks down buying of backlinks and quickly penalizes websites that do so? There’s no forgiving to those who engage in this activity.

Even some of the most popular brands have had their websites punished for doing so. Why is that so? You must be wondering, Well, it’s because those who buy links fall prey to link sellers.

Some companies dress up as if they are meant to buy advertising space, causing an unaware person to think that they are offering you a legit marketing technique.

However, what matters is how Google views it. The tech giant looks down on this practice as a sort of manipulative trick to fool Google in order to enhance your site’s ranking.

Therefore, make sure that you are not engaging in buying links activity to save your website from Google’s wrath.

Private Blog Networks (PBN)

These are basically a group of websites owned by a single person. Fundamentally, this is a set-up with an aim to sell maximum links.

Such PBN networks have websites which contain only a few pages content that gets updated once in a blue moon. These PBN sites are mostly the idea ground for selling links.

The owner of a PBN network allows you to place a link to your website on their site or blog. However, this will come at a price. You won’t be posting links free of charge.

As soon as Google search engine comes to know about these blog networks, the problem for you shall arise.

They will, first of all, de-index every site referred to in that network.

Spamming Comments Under Blogs

Let’s accept a fact that when you add a generic comment under a blog post, there’s a small chance for you to actually improve its ranking. It’s the truth.

Google, however, considers such comments separately and does not regard them as part of the main content of the blog. The tech giant also discounts the possibility of them having been placed there by the site owner themselves.

But this is still a risky practice. If you use a lot of spam comments under blogs as a tactic to get more links, you will likely be penalized. It’s better to avoid this because removing such comments is a costly and difficult process.

The Key SEO Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Links to Article Directory

Most website owners understand the value of releases. They understand, how and when to bring out fresh releases.

For SEO purposes, you do not want to press it too hard.

And just as you would not prefer going too much stringent with the releases, you should also prefer not to overextend with directory postings.

Excessive posting on the directory could land you in serious trouble with Google. Therefore, you should exercise great caution that you are not crossing a line with directory postings.

Adhering to and practicing the most trustworthy, legitimate, and industry-relevant registries are the most effective and best thing to ensure the safety of your site. Avoid making malicious on certain websites only to generate links to your website.

Non-Relevant Reciprocal Links

There are certain safe passages available with you in the SEO.

For instance, you might gleefully build a connection with such sites as you find trustworthy. It’s completely acceptable for you to connect to websites that you work provided the connection you are using is secure and applicable.

If you are looking to suggest someone to an IT firm or a specialist, it’s acceptable too. And if they want to connect to you, that is a fine practice as well.

Therefore, building irrelevant reciprocal links are not likely to hurt your rankings.

Sponsoring a Post Without Giving a Disclosure

Unharmful as it may seem on the onset, the fact remains that sponsoring posts on your website could cause problems and issues.

Sponsoring a post sounds pretty safe and non-lethal. What then might make it so problematic?

Well, the biggest issue with sponsoring posts comes when you don’t provide a proper disclosure.

If you are using a sponsored post as means to build and produce more links, it’s imperative for you to give a proper disclosure of things.

For Google, it does not matter whether or not you are paying for a connection that is intended to support your rankings whether or no there is a publication control.

Linking Through Forums

If you join multiple forums in order to be able to post links to your sites, this will land you in trouble.

Google discourages joining different forum posts all with an objective to post links to your website.

Is there a solution to it or is that also an impediment?

The good new is, there’s something you can do about it.

Instead of joining any random and worthless groups, you can join brilliant and genuine groups that are centered on the real discourses and discourage activities such as black hat strategy. Such groups do not contain a spamming string with posts regarding the substance and brand you have to sell.

Spreading of Non-Newsworthy Links and Press Releases

If you have fascinating and shareworthy news, your brand can easily pick up considerable and valuable connections.

However, if the same news is shared over and over again, it can seem malicious and a clever trap to attract links.

Be sure to avoid it.

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  1. Daniel John says

    Uhmm, this is really weird to say but you just mentioned every possible way someone can get backlink or should I say all those are the means to get backlink actually.
    Which way is correct then.?

    • Hi Daniel,

      The keyword here is “moderation” as too much of a single pattern would definitely cause a problem. It’s best to follow after best practices by avoiding shady, aggressive link building methods.

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