3 Steps to Get Back Lost Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery Software guide 2018Be it an essay for your university course, the financial report of the year for your business or your favorite music playlist, all data is important. Which is why you have not risked their safety to just hardcopies. Instead, you have backed up the data to your computer. However, what if disaster strikes and your computer malfunctions and you end up losing this data?

Lucky for us, there is a solution. EaseUS provides us the luxury and peace of mind that our data is never truly lost.  Their free data recovery software supports the ability to recover data from recycle bin, SD card and so on . This makes it possible for users to recover any data that they had accidentally deleted or lost due to some technical error or malware attacks.

About EaseUS Data Recovery Apps

In the past, we’ve made a detailed intro for EaseUS, but would like to give more insight for those that might be hearing about them for the first time.

EaseUS have been providing its customers with top quality service for the past 13 years. Their free data recovery software is perfect for getting back lost document and files. It accomplishes the task of recovering any file in a several formats from various locations.

This makes it a great resource. On top of this, their superior customer support and technical help allow everyone to benefit from all that the software has to offer without being held back by lack of expertise or technical difficulties.

Free Data Recovery Software from EaseUS

The free recovery software is compatible for both laptop and desktop users, regardless of whether they are running Windows OS or Mac OS X.

You can recover files such as photos, files, audio files, videos, and emails that are stored on the hard drive of the computer or an external hard drive by using the hard drive recovery feature. Moreover, with the SD recovery option, users can also recover information stored on SD cards that has been lost, deleted or corrupted.

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Other supported storage devices include mobile devices, digital cameras, USB drives, Pen drives, and etc.  In fact, you can even recover data found on a server, or that has been lost due to formatted or lost partitions.

How it Works?

Considering the enormity of the task that this free data recovery software can do, it makes sense for you to assume that the process would be a tough and complicated one. However, that is absolutely not the case.

Recovering data with EaseUS data recovery software is little more than child’s play. You need next to none technological understanding and technical skills.

All you have to do is – download the software from EaseUS’ website. You can be rest assured that the software is safe and secure to be downloaded. Moreover, it also functions smoothly and seamlessly.

The good news is that the downloading and setting up is only a one-time process. After the first time, if the software is already set up on your computer, you only need to follow the three steps mentioned below, in order to recover files.

So, lets’ start by downloading the software from the website. Once the software is downloaded, you need to set up the free data recovery software.

Just follow the simple instructions displayed on your computer or laptop’s screen. Once the software is all set up and ready to use then there are just three steps you need to follow to recover any data you want to.

Step 1: Launch

EaseUS Data Recovery Software tutorials 2018

Launch the software by clicking on the icon. Once you have it launched, you will be directed to the home screen. You don’t need to navigate further in order to start the recovery process. Straight from the home screen you will see the scan option. This takes you to step number two of the data recovery process.

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Step 2: Scan

EaseUS Data Recovery Software tips 2018

Here you have two options. You can either go for the quick scan or the deep scan. The quick scan, as the name suggests, will return results much faster. However, if you don’t find your desired file in the scan results after a quick scan then you should go for the deep scan. This will take a bit longer, but it will be a lot more comprehensive.

Step 3: Recover

EaseUS Software app intro

Once the scan is complete you will be presented with a list of files you can recover. Just select the one which you want and select the recover option. This will then recover that file and return it safely to your computer for you to get access to them once again.

Possible Reasons for Data Loss

While it is true that losing your data is nothing short of a crisis, it is also a good idea to figure out what the possible causes are behind such data loss. These reasons include accidental deletion, formatted drives, hard drive failure, virus attack or introduction of malware, partition loss, system crash, RAW partition, etc.

The good news is that EaseUS data recovery software is well equipped to handle each of these issues and to recover the data regardless of the cause behind the loss of data. Regular updates of the software ensure that users always have access to the best service and product out there.

Their data is safe no matter what. With the introduction of new malware and viruses every day, it makes sense that the different recovery software are also kept up to date to ensure they can respond to these new viruses.

For example, the WannaCry Ransomware or the Bad Rabbit malware which crippled the digital aspects of many individuals and companies. The latest version of EaseUS Data recovery software is able to recover data that has been lost as a result of these viruses.

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