Sharing / Gifting GLO Data MB Subscription with others- How to do it

It is now possible to share or gift GLO data bundle subscription plans and MB with other
Globacom Nigeria subscribers.

Just like we shared last time; the tips for doing same on 9Mobile and Airtel, I have decided to drop that of GLO too.

Can’t really tell the reason for this recent increase of the numbers of persons requesting to know how to do this, but from the look of things, I can tell its because many people now owns as much as 6 different SmartPhones and internet enabled devices.

That’s my reason for reviewing the latest new HAME A11W 3G Wi-Fi Router With SIM Card that makes it possible to connect over 20 devices to the internet using Wi-Fi Access.

Now back to the topic: sharing and gifting data bundle MB on Glo can be done either by using the automatic tool provided by their HSI portals or by using their USSD code.


1. Using their HSI portals
==> Configure your modem or phone to use the following APN settings

APN = gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat

==> Connect to the internet and visit with any of your favorite browsers
==> Subscribe to a data subscription plan higher than Always Min from the
HSI portal page (that’s if you don’t have any active data plan. Skip this step if there’s an active data subscription)
==> Your SIM card number and current active data subscription will be
automatically detected with a “share” or “renew” prompt
==> Click on the share button and enter the Glo number you intend sharing data with in the box provided
==>Click Yes to confirm.

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Remember these steps ‘cos that’s what you will need to add more numbers or to delete some. You can also perform basic useful settings from the HSI portal such as checking sharing status and remaining data MB.

2. Using their USSD Code

This is very much similar to the methods used by MTN, 9Mobile and Airtel. All you need do is dial the following USSD code as provided below.

==> You need ADD the mobile number of the person you intend sharing data with by dialing;  *127*01*<the GLO number>#

==> To delete a person from your data sharing list dial; *127*02*<the GLO number>#
==> To see the list of the number of persons you have shared data MB with dial; *127*00#
==> To check data bundle balance via USSD dial; *127*0#

3. Sharing By their SMS short Code

This another method very useful for those using older versions of modem interface that doesn’t have the USSD menu and functions.

==> To ADD the mobile number of the person you intend sharing data with send; “Share <<the GLO number>” as an SMS to 127  (eg. send “share 0807xxxxxxx” as an SMS to 127)
==> To REMOVE the mobile number of the person you have previously shared data with send; “Remove <<the GLO number>” as an SMS to 127 (eg. send “Remove 0807xxxxxxx” as an SMS to 127)
==> To check data bundle balance via SMS send; info as a text message to 127

Gifting Data MB Plans to Friends

Sharing is only useful when you have several Smart Phones and other internet enabled devices like: owning an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phone and another internet enabled feature phones all using Glo SIM card.

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It can also be useful for families that intend buying one data plan for the household where one data bundle subscription is shared among members.

Gifting on the other hand, is useful for persons that want to send data MB as gift to their friends and colleagues. In this case, you purchase a Glo data plan for another customer instead of yourself.

How to gift data MB
==>To GIFT a subscription: Dial *127*<USSD_Plan_Number>*<friend’s number>#  (eg. Dial *127*53*0807xxxxxxx# to gift the always Micro plan to a friend)

==> Send  “Gift <plan name> <friend’s number>” to 127 (eg. send “Gift always micro 0807xxxxxxx” as an SMS to 127)
To see the updated list of all Nigerian Networks Providers Data Subscription Codes – Visit here.

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