12 of the Best Offline Card Games for Android

In this era where every developer wants you to go online, offline games are highly cherished. Developers need to go online so that they can earn from placed ads that only appear when you go online. In reality, many of us can't always be online, the unavailability of high signal strength is a hindering factor. Also receiving notifications while playing games can be distracting. In this article, we Read On

List of Android Apps you should Consider Installing Right Now

Using an android phone/device can't be interesting or enjoyable if there are no apps or games to make it happen. Sometimes you loose files very dear you, but when you read down this article, I am sure such things won't happen again to you. Although there are myriad of android apps and games, I have taken a good time to scrutinize these few in this post. The below listed Apps and Games are top Read On

Upcoming games that will shine in early 2014

If 2013 was a great year for the gaming industry, 2014 will be huge. Developers are doing their best to provide players with bolder experiences, more amazing gameplays, and increasingly more complex characters. It’s time to say good bye to “Grand Theft Auto V” and make room for some upcoming video games that will certainly exceed the expectations of all gamers out there. Let’s have a closer Read On

How to Deal With Teen Video Game Obsession

Practically Games can be addictive - But obsession is something else Considering the danger that comes with it most specially to young teenagers.The following article is meant for parents of a teen who might be obsessed with video and/or computer games. While in some of our other articles we may sound as though we encourage obsession, we share a concern over teens who tend to shun other interests Read On