Top 13 Bloggers that Rocked My 2013

This is about me and not necessarily about 3rd Planet Techies, I have already alerted the closest of my friends that post that will be frequenting here  at (Obasi Miracle Villa) will be more about me, my likes, my ideas, tech stuff I love, school outing and similar stuff.

Back to the topic, the year 2013 has been such an amazing year for
me, I got to meet lots of awesome bloggers that really made the year
so scintillating for me.

With great feeling of resounding ecstasy, I present to you (in no
particular order) just 13 (‘cos of the year 2013 adjective) out of the
numerous top bloggers that sparkled my 2013.


1. Joseph Efoghor

Joseph Efoghor of Business Success Guide is a well known top blogger, he has built an established relationship with other top bloggers in his niche, this is a feet I dream of laying hands on in the nearest tomorrow.

No surprise, he made my list as first ‘cos I didn’t have to think even for a second before listing him as one of my best blogging pal of 2013.

He gave me a shocking moment the day he trumped my mail with an invitation to be interviewed in his website, I was like, Wow! this is really the first time this sort of thing is happening to my blogging journey.

See: interview with Obasi Miracle: Nigerian Tech-Savvy Blogger 

As if the interview was not enough, he keep featuring me in several
of his future blog post having never met nor spoken with me in person
before, the most awesome of all this moment was when he trusted me
enough to give me his blog’s log in details to fix one or two stuff.

We did not stop there but have gone ahead to build great relationship that
gave birth to my personal review of amazing tweetlow and

2. Harleena Singh

The name, Harleena Singh has gone viral already, this is no surprise
‘cos she merits all the plaudit she gets, who wouldn’t anyway, after
sacrificing almost all her precious time to better the act of blogging that has even turned her to a blog commenting superstar.

Now back to how Harleena Singh helped make my blogging in 2013 so exciting! I got to know her via the interview on Joseph’s blog and further featured her in one of my best tech tutorial blogs list ever.

That was how it all started, we have gone ahead to have some great
chat, sparkling moments, social shares and all that. I was even featured
in one of her recent list of top 30 blogging men.

Harleena Singh proudly owns and manages a blog she titled “Aha!NOW” all by herself and few guest bloggers.

3. Adesanmi Adedotun

Adesanmi Adedotun of is now like a brother to me. I actually got to know him this year (2013) when he mentioned me in one of his blog post.

We have advanced from there to have some really exciting moments, not
forgetting how he trusted me enough not only to purchase a host for him
but also to help move his blog over to wordpress.

Remedies To Reduce Bounce Rate for a WordPress Blog?

He even made my birthday so exhilarating with a full blog post he titled “Happy birthday OBASI MIRACLE“. We now have each others number and can exchange calls and text anytime of the year.

4. Brian Loebig

Brian Loebig of was another amazing blogger I got to know this year, we both won an
award tagged “Top Tech Blog Award 2013″ which was actually hosted by Broadview Networks ( a VoIP and communication provider based in Rye Brook, NY).

We became friends thereafter and has exchanged several social engagement and twitter chats.

5. Adrienne Smith

Getting to know Adrienne Smith of is another breathtaking thing that happened to my blogging in 2013.

She had me commenting like I’m having a chat with my blogging buddy,
after-all that’s her main watchword “building relationship with bloggers“.

In one of her blog post that talked about making use of twitter as a source of viral traffic by adding your username alongside your social sharing button, she had me asking questions like a young blown jerk.

Connecting with Adrienne Smith in 2014 should be a goal you should set for yourself already, we exchanged a lot including; congenial moments, social chats, blog post sharing and even most of all, she
dropped the longest comment ever in one of my blog post having to do
with “wordpress plugins to save your aging servers“.

6. Angela McCall

I got to know Angela McCall of via “WordPress experts” (a linkedin group for wordpress developers and users) and has since built a good blogging relationship with her.

The first blog post of her’s I read and commented on was tagged “Letter From Hostgator“. It ‘ve been really lively reading other amazing stuff from her.

7. Idaerefagha Allison

The name Idaerefagha Allison needs no introduction as he’s known by all my blogging pals. The year 2013 was when we actually became so cohesive, producing several electrifying moments and really intriguing experiences.
He is such an amazing blogger to connect with, he personally owns and manages

8. Olili Bob

Olili Bob has been so amazing to me this year, his questions usually produce great topic ideas for me. He also brought about some really dramatic moments including when he was too careful to order me customize a blog I helped moved to wordpress for him.

He is now one of the top tech bloggers from Delta State and Upcoming pro-blogger from Nigeria. His desire to soar high to the zeniths led him to creating and

9 . Presegs Adesida

Presegs Adesida of was there to complement my scintillating 2013, he was there during my paypal woes and other related issues.
We ‘ve had some good chats, awesome social interaction and all that.

10. DonCaprio

Adewale Adekile of has been a great friend all this while but 2013 was so dazzling, we had some really sparkling moments including when Don responded to my mail thanking me for a little tips I thought he would just ignore.

Easiest way to set up custom domain & email forwarding for blogger blogspot

He is one of the most humble bloggers ever to hail from Nigeria, he even surprised me the more by asking me a question other top bloggers would have just ignored.

Who would not be happy having a top blogger of his caliber having a friendly chat with him?

His personal demeanor is so commendable, connecting with him in 2014
will so expose you to tap from his wealth of knowledge and copious

11. Sam Adeyinka

Samuel Adeyinka of was more than amazing in 2013, his articles were really gleaming. The biggest part of it is that he didn’t forget to go viral with his
blogging pals while going popular already with awesome guest post in
most top blogs around.

12. Nosa E. Nosa
I almost kept him at the foot of my list ‘cos I intentionally wanna
bash this irksome jerk (Forgive my manners Bro) that almost gave me a
heart break in 2013 . It ‘ve been all awesome since then, we have had
some really exciting chats, good social interaction and all that.

In fact at the moment, he’s as close as a brother to me. The details of the little ill-moment we had at bloggerslab earlier this year is now fully thrown to the dustbin of history for dogs to play with.

Nosagie Nosa Ero spearhead’s a tech blog he tagged “Resource Garage“.

Connecting with him in 2014 should be a great way to start the year,
while doing so; do not forget to connect also with his other blogging
pals viz:

Joseph Onyemakonor of
Temilola Globalwalyy of
Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe of
Antonio Kelechi Omeihe of

13. Olumuyiwa George
Olumuyiwa George of is another amazing blogger that came to the spotlight in 2013. We met at the time he wanted a redesign for his blog and has gone to do many amazing things together.

Through Olumuyiwa George I got to know other amazing bloggers viz; Rocky Pascal of and Bintex Samson of

Bonus List

Oscar Frank of and Jim Hudson of six figure adsense code was really there in 2013. We had some good chats and many glimmering period of exchange. Same it is with Thundey Harwall of, Ige Osasumwen of, Theodore Nwangene of and Kulwant Nagi of

Over to you

I have taken my time to tell you how this top bloggers rocks! Not omitting my younger brother (Obasi Ebenezer of and Kyle Stevens that has been amazing all years.

I will be there for everyone in 2014 and beyond, giving you hot tips from our new tech blog’s homepage. Do well to say hi to all my blogging pals by sharing this page with your social fans and sundry.

I wish you all (my readers and friends) an amazing 2014 filled with unending ecstasy AMEN.

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  1. Wow. I'm so humbled to make this list boss. You're a great resource guy. I know 2014 will get better for us all. Thank you and God bless you boss.

  2. Hello Obasi,

    Firstly, I didn’t know Obasimvilla will continue to exist as a separate entity but I do think your steps are a brilliant one.

    You have surrounded your self with great bloggers and I am equally lucky to know most of them.

    Your manners? LOL.. You are doing just great, in life some things has to happen to provoke something. It’s a shame we started with a fight.. Hahaha! But, I’m glad that’s all gone and maintaining a wonderful friendship.

    I am really honored to have you list my best blogging pals, I would be nothing without them. Emmanuel Cudjoe is completely out of this world and I always get amazed by his unmatched creativity. Joseph, Antonio and Temi are fantastic. Wow!!! You made my day buddy.. Thanks and enjoy the rest of the year.

    • Save me the pleasantries bro. You sir is a unique character in the bloggersphere.

  3. Hi Obasi,

    Awesome list of bloggers, and thank YOU so much for mentioning me along with others who are so worthy :)

    Yes indeed, although we’ve met a few months back, and it was through my interview at Josephs place, but with the frequent visits and interactions, it certainly doesn’t look like that, isn’t it?

    I’m glad I know most of these blogging friend’s mentioned, and it’s always a pleasure to see Adrienne mentioned here too. Yes, thanks to her blog and invitation that I managed to sit down and write that first ever guest post of mine on blog commenting, and was named as the ‘commenting superstar’ after that…lol… :)

    I didn’t know you planned to carry on with this blog, and had thought it was more about posting on your other tech blog, which surely is coming up in a new way. More the merrier I guess, and I wish you luck and happiness in your blogging journey too.

    Thanks for sharing, and wishing you a very Happy New Year, well in advance :)

    • Thanks for dropping by Mam, it’s awesome having you check this out already. I am just saying hi to my best blogging pals in 2013 and beyond

  4. Emmanuel Cudjoe says

    Whiles I was eagerly enjoying the post, there it was! The name Nosa E. Nosa came at no surprise at all.
    No wonder he had sub-chiefs like myself beneath his name. HAHAHA!

    Igwe, I hail you!

    Hi Obasi, that was an an interesting list there. The bloggers world is filled with lots of interesting characters and another name which everyone will be singing is that of Madam Harleena Singh.

    Thanks for the mention.

    • Thanks for checking the list sir, they ‘ve been awesome all these years but 2013 was just outta this world.

  5. Hi Boss,
    I must say boss i do not know what to say. You are one blogger that has really inspired me alot. I admire more than alot about you and do not believe i made your list. I am indeed honoured. All the bloggers you mentioned have also been a source of inspiration to me and the have been making the blogosphere a better place. I promise to be better in 2014. I appreciate you boss.

    • Thanks for dropping by bro, you ‘ve been so awesome and I am also encouraging you to press more come this 2014

  6. Wow! I can’t believe my eyes. Obasi you really took me by surprise. I never expected to make a number 1 on any blog at this moment. I am glad my little contributions are now being rewarded with posts like this.

    I must say that 2013 has been my best year since I started blogging. It’s the year I made the most significant impact in the blogosphere. It seems to me that over half of my blogging friends were made this year.

    Obasi and I have become friends and even brothers, do I say by chance? It all started when he was interviewed on my blog earlier in the year. Today we have a great relationship even though we are yet to meet in person. I am also glad that I have a nice relationship with virtually all the people I have featured on my blog. This is part of my dream – to make blogging a united family.

    I sincerely believe the greatest virtue we should cultivate is trust. If I trust myself, I should be able to trust you and any other person. I have no reason to distrust anybody until such person has proven himself otherwise. I believe one day we shall meet in person. I expectantly look forward to that day.

    I am so glad to see the likes of Harleena Singh, Adrienne Smith, Nosa E. Nosa, Don Caprio, Presegs Adesida, Samuel Adeyinka, Idaerefagha Allison, Adesanmi Adedotun, etc make this wonderful list. I feel The superstars – Adrienne and Harleena should have been first on the list. They are the real superstars when it comes to blogging.

    I must say I am greatly honoured to be considered as first on the list. Thank you so very for this honour, Obasi. I wish you a prosperous 2014.

    • Thanks for acknowledging all that sir, ’twas really awesome meeting with you this y


  7. Wow! i am amazed by this mention. I deeply appreciate you kind gesture. I will not forget how you helped me this year, God bless you and many more blogging experience.

    • Happy New Year in advance sir, can’t wait to see you doing wonders with in 2014. Do have a brilliant day already

  8. (NOTE: I've commented here the 1st time and my comment disappear. Dunno what happened to it. Could you please check it on spam folder? Thanks.)

    Anyway, as I was saying, Obasi…I was indeed surprise to see my name mentioned here. What a NICE surprise!!! You have made my day!!! Thank you for considering me one of the Top 13 Bloggers in 2013…what a nice thing to say. Thank you again. :)

    I hope this time my comment goes through…this time I'm writing it on my pad just in case it disappeared again…I could always just "cut and paste" again what I just said.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. 2014 is just around the corner. And I'm looking forward to get to know you more in the New Year come. Are you ready for New Year? I hope and pray that all of your dreams come true and whatever you have plans for your blog, may all the blessings & prosperity be with you.


  9. says Like this

    Ps: help me! how to insert disquis to my blog:

  10. Samuel Adeniyi says

    Wow! Can’t believe i actually went through reading every bit of this post including the comments. It was a nice adventure i must say and i do give goodles to everyone who made the list. I personally haven’t been the type who interact with much bloggers(Guess i always like been reserved :-)), I just know a few and i know a few of the awesome ones you have here. Although i do hope to build relationship with other bloggers this year. Thumbs up buddy!

  11. Thanks brother, I never knew you ll consider me in an article like this.

  12. could you guild me on how to own a .com website,tnx

  13. and miracle one more thing please how can i get my post to appear on news community on disqus

    • Depends on how active your blog is, I think blogs are randomly featured based on how many comments the post gets

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