Top 10 Make Money Online Hobbies I’m yet to Engage in

Making money online to any blogger is just like another hobby. We all blog for the passion of it, no doubt, but hardly can the quest of earning online be separated from bloggers or internet marketers.

As the new year 2014 rocks along, I have decided to share with you; the other 10 ways of earning from the internet that I haven’t looked into yet.

1. Domain Flipping 
As old as the business of flipping domain name is, it can be very surprising to some persons hearing for the first time today that I haven’t engaged in it yet.

No doubt, domain flipping is a very lucrative method to earning huge income from the internet; all it takes is finding the right domain names and selling it to the right persons. 

2. Website Flipping
Website Flipping, unlike domain name flipping requires a lot of hard work as one needs; purchase the domain name and hosting account, design the website, create contents on it, promote and build authority before selling it to the highest bidder.

3.  Running an E-commerce Store
This is one of the most popular ways tech and fashion bloggers are using to earn big from the internet.

While some invests in running the eCommerce store all by themselves, the others will normally embrace already made programs like Amazon Affiliates that gives them the chance to make money online selling electronic products.

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I haven’t had the time to even visit their site despite many recommendation from friends.

4. Sports
This is another aspect of making money online I haven’t looked into yet. I have heard countless number of testimonies from close friends that won big in football betting.

In fact there’s one casino online that has become so known for winning big stuff.

My blogging activities has always kept me so busy all the leisure time.

5. Micro-Job Websites
I have personally bought several services from micro-job sites [ such as fiverr] but haven’t got time to start applying for jobs there as a freelancer.

Very few of them is what I use at the moment and the few aren’t even my hobby yet.

6. Being a Ghost Writer 
Many top websites are in the look out for ghost writers and contributors, that’s why there are much more freelance writers around today.  

Even website designers and developers goes as far as looking out for help from cheap crowd-sourcing companies around.

Being a ghost writer can really pay big if you happen to work for a worthy client.

7.    Online Investments
Currently I haven’t engaged in any form of online investment irrespective of defined profit structure or non.

8. Paid Forums  
There are many forums that pays you to either become an active member or continuously contribute for them. This hasn’t become a need for me as I have many already to border with.

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9. Pay to Refer Services 
Many dating sites, investments sites and some of this category pays people to refer members to them. I have been approached severally by some of them but didn’t think for a while before refusing their offers.

10. Pay to Download Services. 
This is the last of them all, at least for today. I haven’t got time for such rubbish yet and may never have time for it. They pay you some really infinitesimal amounts to bring thousands of hits to them daily.

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Your Turn    
You have just gone through my list of 10 make money online scheme I am never gonna use any time soon.

Have many of them have you used?
Do you think I should give them a try?

Lets see it in your comments below.   

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