6 Reasons why clicks on your Google adsense ads is very low

#1. You blocked itThis is a very rare case but do happen to few bloggers and forum owners who easily get obsessed with seo and immediately starts playing with their robots.txt not knowing when they block the google adsense site crawling robots.Also some sites restricts access completely except you register fully as a member, this can hurt as google adsense bot will find it difficult crawling Read On

20 Tech Blogs that accepts Review, Guest and Sponsored Post

I have decided to drop a list of twenty tech blogs that accepts sponsored post of various forms including; sponsored review, advertorials, promotional contents, sponsored links, sponsored interview and the likes.Off course, The Tech Diary (DA=34) being my own blog won’t be making this list, but others will; since they are not only authored by me.S/NBlog NameBragging RightType Allowed Read On

My Goals for 2014 as a Tech Blogger

In few hours from today 2013 will come to a halt with the glimmering brightness of 2014 already approaching, it is only wise for me to discuss my goals for this coming year with you.I will make it as short as possible since what I’m gonna share with you is what affects my online activities as a tech blogger.Image credit: flickr.com1. I will give more to charityThis is the area I have Read On

Top 13 Bloggers that Rocked My 2013

This is about me and not necessarily about 3rd Planet Techies, I have already alerted the closest of my friends that post that will be frequenting here  at obasimvilla.com (Obasi Miracle Villa) will be more about me, my likes, my ideas, tech stuff I love, school outing and similar stuff.Back to the topic, the year 2013 has been such an amazing year for me, I got to meet lots of awesome Read On

7 best free tools for image compression

 This is my pick for this week! it gives you a comprehensive tips and tools to compress your images without loosing the quality.You will have a lot to learn from this very article as it was one of my favorite for having a well optimized blog.You will also end up learning a lot about images compression and optimization. below is few excerpt from the original article.Optimizing Read On

Easiest way to set up custom domain & email forwarding for blogger blogspot

I haven't posted here for a while and felt like breaking that with this tips for adding a custom domain name and business email with your domain name on blogger blogspot blogs.The need for needing a custom domain name need not be over-emphasized as more business owners and even regular internet surfers are placing more values on custom domain names as opposed to domains still using Read On