Making Money Online – 7 Proven ways to make money online

Making Money Online – 7 Proven ways to make money online
There are so many articles on “How to make money online” and over 1000 get rich quick schemes “doing jobs online” which has proven to be useless and abortive in assisting you in “making money online”. Before I continue, I want you to know that this is not a “get rich quick scheme” and I am going to tell you why it is not. This article does not promise you any sure means, through which you can “make money online doing little or no jobs” neither is it an “investment program” that you go into and sit and home. In a nutshell, you have to work hard to make money through the methods you will be seeing below.
In making money online, the first thing to have in mind is that you have to be offering a service before you get paid. The service you offer can be “affiliate marketing”, selling your self published e-book or someone else’s,blogging e.t.c.
1. Blogging: This is one of the widely most discussed means of making money online. Although most successful bloggers will just tell you to start a blog and start making money. Making money online with a blog requires effort, time and hard work to make your readers loyal. Some of the advantages of owning a blog is that you get to share your thoughts and opinion, build an audience and make cool cash eventually. You should be ready to put in your best if you want to succeed as a blogger.
2. Freelancing: This is another way of making money doing freelancing (Par-time jobs) online for people, organizations and companies. This method of making money is not that popular and most Nigerians do not know they can make over $1000 each week of course if you are skilled and have at least four (4) hours a day to put into freelancing. If you want the complete guide on how to start freelancing today, check back we will be giving out the e-book for free!
3. Another way of making money online is doing jobs for people for N1000. is similar to . You can make money with this by selling or reselling e-books, coming up with cool ideas and selling it to people for N1000. For example, if someone requests a gig (a service on 1kjobsonline) that says “Approve my ad sense account for me”. You can simply do this and charge the person N1000. If you can do 5 – 6 jobs a day, you will realize up to N6000 daily.
4. Internet Marketing: This is another widely discussed means of “making money online”. You can sell your services on line or be an affiliate marketer (Help someone else sell their products and services and get commission on sales). If you are a writer, you can start selling your books online or become an affiliate marketer. If you don’t have any idea or experience in writing, you can go to any freelancing sites and pay a freelancer to write for you. This can serve as a steady source of income for life. You should have in mind that this also is not easy too and requires effort
5. Website Flipping: You can start flipping websites today after you are able to build traffic to that site. It requires time and effort. I will recommend this for people with experience in making money online and building “website traffic”.
6. Investment programs: You can start today and invest online and watch your money grow. Before you go into this, have in mind that you earn according to what you invest. One of the fastest growing and stable investment program right now is they will lend you $10 dollars to invest with first, this will enable you understand what the program is about and how quick your money can grow
7. Articles writing: Everyday, more and more people are joining the blogging community, and they are all looking for new and unique contents to upload. If you are a good writer or a natural at writing articles, you can start writing today. The best place to start is with a freelancing site. You can be paid about $2 per 400 word articles. This requires creativity and experience in SEO. You can learn all about SEO writing on ezine articles course . You can also start your own articles websites where your write articles and sell as Private Label Resell Rights Articles. We will talk more on PLR articles in our next article
Have in mind that “making money online” is not a day or even a week job. It takes a gradual process, hard work. If you really put your effort into it you will be able to make money online. Before it grows into a steady source of income.

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