2015: The Year when Rideshare Crushed the Taxi [Infographic]

Ridesharing is the talk of the town for all the reasons, be it the explosive growth of companies like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar or massive protests by cab drivers in different cities or legislative and legal actions undertook by the governments. Everyone seems to be a part of a silent revolution that is steadily changing the commuting choices of average Joes.

For those who aren’t still aware of ridesharing, it may be defined in average person’s terms as a simple way of ordering a ride from your house, office or anywhere with the help of a mobile app. The glaring difference between the ridesharing apps and traditional taxis is the ability of the passengers to share their ride with anyone on the same route looking for a ride and split the fare with them.

Moreover, the process is extremely fast, transparent and convenient. The passengers and drivers have public profiles that are updated after every ride, which means that both have to rate each other on a scale of 1-5. This helps others in making a decision for future pick ups .

Although, ridesharing is a booming industry and an engrossing experience yet there are certain challenges to it. The risks of sharing a ride with a stranger or a driver whose record isn’t confirmed coupled with the insurance loopholes are among the serious drawbacks to its growth. Still, it has managed to overtake the traditional taxis in most of the cities in Northern America and Europe, and it goes without a saying now, that ridesharing is the future of assistive commuting.

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Now, that the ridesharing has planted its foot in the West and expanding towards Asia and beyond. We are sharing an infographic, which explains how ridesharing has crushed the taxi in 2015.

Rideshare infographic from rideshareapps.com
Courtesy of: Rideshareapps
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