10 Tips to Choose the Best Dash Cam in 2018

Almost all traffic accidents can be verified with a simple glance of the recording on a dash cam. Even insurance frauds or extortion targeted on drivers and car owners can be avoided with a good dash cam unit. Luckily this year there are far more retailers of dash cam units because of the demand for safety.

From a really expensive unit to a rather cheap one. To get more such interesting devices ideas you have to explore online resources like Red shed and many other.  Here are 10 tips on choosing a good dash cam for your vehicle.

Camera size

how to choose best dash cams

This is a relatively easy tip, choose a dash cam that is portable that can be easily installed and will not be a distraction on your line of sight when driving. Many dash cams are built like an action cam with a small body and light in weight.

This is really important as any gadget or ornament that can block your line of sight is quite dangerous. There is a plethora of designs to choose from and the sizes are different each time. It’s a matter of preference really, so choose what you feel will be the most beneficial for you’re driving.

Night vision mode

Having a camera that can have a clear video even on a dark road is helpful for you as a driver. Most accidents happen in the dark and with limited visibility. Being too careful is not enough so a good dash cam that can pick up objects even in the night is a great asset in the car.

Plus find a dash cam that automatically switches to night vision mode when it becomes dark. Some dash cams have night vision mode but you will have to manually turn it on and off when you need it.

Video quality

tips to choose best dash cam

Having a minimum of 720p HD is decent enough, you can clearly distinguish license plates and traffic signs in this quality. But if you can find a better one that would be for the best. Better video quality means more details in every dash cam footage.

No pixilated plate numbers or blurred out faces. Clearer the better. Just don’t overkill it and choose a 4k resolution with a 60fps camera. You are not filming a new fast and furious movie that kind of video quality is over the top.

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Storage capacity:

With better video quality in every recording, it just means it needs more storage for every trip video that is stored. 64 GB is the bare minimum but if you can find a suitable memory for your dash cam that can exceed 128 GB then this would be better.

Automatic loop recording:

Find a dash cam that can loop record. It just means that the dash cam records over the oldest footage when the memory is full.

Some dash cams just stop mid-recording when it gets full and that would be a real bother if an accident happens and you aren’t recording when you absolutely think you are.

Automatic on and off:

Some dash cams are wired to turn on and off when the engine is turned on or off. It just means that you won’t have to worry when you enter your vehicle it will automatically record your voyage and automatically stop when you arrive at your destination. This will come in handy when you often forget if you have turned something on or off.

Impact sensors:

Have you ever parked on a lot and just came back in an hour and see your bumper all banged up or the hood of your car all scratched up?

Well, a dash cam with this feature will automatically turn on and record when it senses accidents in or around your car. It is pretty handy when parked and really useful when it comes to investigations.

Back and forth cameras:

This just means that you will have a camera pointed at your face and on the road. This is a neat feature for security purposes. The rampant car theft and carjacking today is the proof of having too much security is never too much.

If you like this feature, find a dash cam that can automatically turn on when it senses danger. It will record from the front and from the inside of your car.

Choose a good one, not necessarily the expensive one:

Some dash cam buyers just choose to buy the expensive brands just because they think it’s the best. That’s not entirely true; most budget-friendly dash cams have the same feature in a fraction of the cost.

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Price doesn’t equate to quality and an expensive brand is not always the right choice when it comes to functionality.

Repurposed gadgets:

 top best dash cam tips 2018

A Smartphone is not a good dash cam. I see others use it because of the really great camera a Smartphone has but it relies on battery power. Continuous usage and sun exposure can damage the battery and ultimately become a lump of junk in the near future.

Same with action cameras that are being used as dash cameras. Sure, they may look good on paper, but it can never be a replacement for the real thing.

There are more things to consider when buying a dash cam perfect for you, but these are the most important ones that can help you decide which one would you buy. Just keep in mind that not all dash cams are built equally.

Some dash cams can support 1080p to 4k resolution for their video quality but can’t support a storage device exceeding 500gig. Some dash cams have built in mic’s and others don’t. Some have date stamps automatically included when they record and others require a brief set up.

Some dash cams can have night mode but will sacrifice quality with its recording. That means the video may become static or just be too bright that you can’t recognize what is what in the video. Other dash cams even have a built-in GPS and speedometer. This is really handy for wrong speeding tickets and preventing getting lost.

These are just pointers you should consider when choosing a dash cam unit. Using it will help you choose a dash cam on your own and find a unit that will be a perfect match for you.

But if you are still undecided on what to buy or what to consider. Just head down to your local car accessories shop and let them explain the pros and cons of every dash cam unit they have.

Content Credit: The post on 10 tips to choose the Best Dash Cam in 2018 is contributed by Melissa Weir of Red Shed. She’s a North Carolina-based freelance writer that’s passionate about teaching her family how to stay safe, vigilant and action-ready in the event of a disaster or emergency.

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