10 Must Have Apps For SmartPhones in 2018

Whether you have an Android SmartPhone, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows phone, you are missing a lot if you are not using the right apps on them.

As the year 2018 draws closer, We’re taking a look at the 10 good smartphone apps you should be installing on your cell phone right now. They work great on modern devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablets, Phablets and other mobile devices.

1. Battery Doctor

The battery doctor app is an amazing battery management and optimization app that works flawlessly on Android and other mobile operating systems (OS).

It is available for download on the Google play store, Apple iOS/iTunes store, Blackberry app store, Amazon app store and other popular mobile apps download stores around.

It will not only optimize your battery life but save you more juice by automatically closing battery hungry apps and juice draining background services.

On Android, you’ll get the best from this app if combined with the lucky patcher apk.

2. Xender

Xender lets you share games, apps, music and media files faster via the wireless medium. It is available free on Google play store and other popular mobile app stores.

3. Moves

The GPS system provided in this app enables you to monitor the record of your cycling, running and walking activities even if you are not curious for tracking your physical activities.

The story-line provided in it helps you in visualizing your most visited place during these activities. Nether you need to remember login settings sign in to use this app on your mobile devices.

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4. CM security

best smartphone apps for 2016cm security app is one great app you should be installing on your android phone and devices right now. It is available for free download on the Google play store and Amazon apps store.

It works flawlessly on protecting your mobile devices from threat and malicious intruders. It lets you lock your whatsapp, text messages and any other apps that needs a high level of privacy, thereby, protecting your private details.

It also lets you clear private info from your browsers or install a private browser that works without leaving your traces online. In my humble opinion, I’ll conclude that CM security app is one of the very best security app that works without allowing your device to suffer performance-wise.

5. CamScanner HD

CamScanner HD is my favorite productivity app as it is available for free download on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows mobile operating system.

It lets you scan any type of document and photos on the go, lets you print, fax or share same via the popular social media apps and/or platforms.

6. The Car Park Finder

This app will provide you complete information about the availability if space along-with cost of parking in more than 1000 car parks in United Kingdom.

It also provides an easy access medium for you to contact with the parking management if you can not locate your car in the lot.

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7. T3 Player

This an insanely brilliant iPod media player and manager with an excellent user interface. It lets you browse and organize your favorite music easily.

It also boasts of Airplay support and readily optimizes your ability to view on modern iOS devices via its Retina display.

8. THX Tune-up

This must-have app lets you optimize the viewing of films and media on your home theatre. The THX tune-up (TM) app allows you to properly adjust your TV, projector and speakers, helping you get the most out of your entertainment system.

You can enjoy all the settings of your system including its customized test patterns, configuring the light and sound of your TV and capability of its speakers.

9. EverNote

The EverNote app lets you take your note always with you. Even when on transit, you can easily call up your note from the cloud by remembering only your login details.

It works from the PC and mobile devices irrespective of the platform or operating system.

10. PicMix

This app lets you customize your photos by using its filters and frames before sharing them on any social media network of choice.

It is available free and works flawlessly on all popular platform and mobile operating system.

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