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By Chelsy Ranard

Coca Cola vs. Pepsi, Edison vs. Tesla, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, and iPhone vs. Android. These are some of the most iconic rivalries of all time. Well, maybe not of all time, but they are still recognized oppositions.

The two mobile platforms that are the most popular are iOS and Android. There have been many comparisons between the phones themselves on price, usability, camera stats, and memory. This article will not focus on the phone itself, but rather the person using it.

iphone vs android infographicsInfographic Courtesy of Yahoo

The Basics

Let’s start with the basic profile of each user. What is the gender, age, and location of each average user? As for location, 52% of Americans chose Android over iPhone with 55% of them being in the Midwest.

Age wise, millennials seem to prefer Android over the iPhone. In terms of gender, men are the main users for Android and for iPhone the gender distribution is pretty even between both sexes. Since Android is the preferred device in the U.S., the most popular smartphone in the U.S. is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

This is an interesting figure since Apple continues to break records with their devices and sold out of their iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the first three days of its release.


Android and iOS users have been polled and surveyed enough to start making financial generalizations between the two groups. It seems as though iPhone users have a higher education level, have a higher household income, and have more professional or managerial positions in the work force.

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It does seem to be interesting that Androids have a small majority in the market, yet iPhone users have more income. This might be because Androids tend to be less expensive, thus making them the slightly more popular choice. This may not always be the case. The Galaxy S 6 Edge is now compatible with Android Pay.

As this feature ripples through the market we might see a balancing of financial spending between Apple and Android users. It seems to be no coincidence, though, that the data points to Android users as being more popular with millennials.

Since millennials are younger and by definition have a lower income rate and a lower education level than the older users, it is no wonder that the stats for Android reflect this.

iphone vs android comparism infographic

Infographic Courtesy of Hipmunk


Concerning personality, each device paints a very interesting picture for each demographic. IPhone users are better travelled whereas Android users tend to travel more spontaneously. Phone users also tend to buy first­class airfare over Android users.

This also goes back to the iPhone users being in the older demographic and the higher income bracket. Another interesting fact is that iPhone users are more than five times more likely to have made a charitable donation, – and, again, many of these statistics all go back to age and financial standing in an interesting way.


Each type of user has its own indulgences, and statistically each user loves their media. However, based on the previous statistics, iPhone users are willing to spend more on indulgences, as 67% of users make over $200K per year and 26% prefer to spend their money instead of save it.

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The differences between these iconic foes are many, but what do they really mean? Some are trivial while some are important for marketing and advertising purposes.

There are many ways to interpret this data, but the popularity of each device could be due to marketing, brand loyalty, price, or which device is better.

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