Official SMF support site’s Security bridged & User’s Passwords Stolen

Official SMF support site’s Security bridged and Passwords Stolen– what does this mean to you as a user there?

I personally do not own an smf site of my own but was planning to get one since my oga at the top told me that it was completely free.

So I had to join their official support forum  and was just alerted today via email about the bridge of their internal database security via one of their admin password.

I could remember when similar thing like this happened in a forum I once belonged to, my password was stolen and was used to post ridiculous things on African Most Populated and visited forum “”.

With this development I was even afraid my account here will be h*cked being a moderator here.

So I will urge you to change your passwords in any site or services you have registered to using same credentials as the one you used on your Simple Machines Forum account as this will help reduce the possibility of h*ckers messing with your account or stealing from your friends and colleagues using your email account.

Here is the exact message I got from the smf team.

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