MTN MB Share: How to share your Internet Data with Friends

Here’s the tips for sharing your MTN Nigeria’s internet data (MB) subscription bundle with friends, colleagues or with other MTN cards on devices you own.

We have previously written on how to share data bundle with friends on Airtel and Glo as well as listed the selected bundle plans where MB sharing and data transfer works flawlessly.

mtn data (mb) shareToday’s post is exclusively for MTN prepaid subscribers as in centers on how MTN users can share data bundle (MB) with friends and family.

With this tips, you can subscribe for a mega data bundle that can serve the family while everyone else connects to it via the data sharing technology. You can also subscribe for a single data plan and let your other phones, tablets or even internet modems connect to it via MB sharing.

To get started with Data bundle (MB) sharing on the MTN network, you need follow the steps outlined below:-

  1. Subscribe to a data bundle plans that supports data transfer/share
  2. Dial *131*2*1# or SMS REG to 131; to register for MTN MB Share, you will receive a personal security PIN
  3. You are required to change the PIN automatically sent to you to one that you can remember easily by dialing *131*2*5# or by texting Change OLD_PIN NEW_PIN NEW_PIN to 131. E.g Change 0000 1111 1111 to 131. Where 0000 is old PIN and 1111 is your new PIN.
  4. After changing the PIN, you are required to add beneficiaries to your MTN shared Data Bundle account via USSD menu *131*2*2# or by texting Add <MSISDN> <PIN> to 131. You can add up to 5 beneficiaries.
  5. Once you have added beneficiaries, you (the sponsor) will be able to share your available data bundle among the added beneficiaries by sending the keyword Share <PIN> to 131 or simply dial USSD code *131*2*3#.

List of Data Bundle Plans that supports data transfer/share

Here are the data bundle plans that can be shared with friends and colleagues.

S/NAmountData CapActivation Code

Note: All the data bundle plans listed above are with a month (30 days) validity and can subscribed to via a text message by sending activation codes without the asterisks to 131.

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  1. Shege says:

    Hi, thanks for the post. I dialed the USSD code *131*2*1# but it is showing me different data bundle plans. I also sent the text REG to 131 and it says the service is unavailable. Is this still working?

  2. lil stain says:

    wow amazing miracle

  3. Micheal Achibi says:

    I have already subscribe for monthly data boundle cost N1000, can I still share with friends?

    • Hi Achibi, you can always share data with friends once there’s a qualifying data subscription on your phone/device

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