Surefire Tips For Optimizing Your Mobile Website Browsing Experience

Website optimization tipsThe smartphone world seems to change overnight and just when you think you know all there is to know about your phone, a newer, “spiffier” version is released.

There are those of us who consider our smartphones to be a lifeline or much like an extension of ourselves. Then there are those of us who use our smartphones sparingly and don’t feel a void if we aren’t holding it at all times.

Regardless of what type of phone user you are, or if you use an iPhone or Android, everyone can benefit from a few good tips and reminders to help you optimize your mobile browsing experience.

Go Ahead and Do That Update

There always seems to be some kind of update, right? Maybe you’ve turned off your notifications or have just become blind to them. By the time you notice, maybe there’s three or four (or more updates to do).

While updating your browser may be a “Smartphone 101” thing, many people forget to do it or ignore it altogether. Updating your phone will not only make your phone more secure, but it will keep your browser running more efficiently and quickly.

One thing to keep in mind, that even some of the savviest of users may forget to do, is to back up your data before you perform the update. Most updates won’t make you lose important information, but it’s always a good idea.

Rethink Your Apps

Are you an “App Happy” smartphone user? Since there’s literally an app for everything, your phone may be loaded with apps. Think that having ten apps is pushing it? The average smartphone user has around 26 apps on his or her phone at all times.

Whether you share your iPhone or Android with your kids and have apps to keep them occupied, or you just have a lot of things you like to do, it’s a good idea to do a little “house” cleaning now and then.

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Think of your smartphone like a closet. See an app you haven’t used in six months? Toss it out (you can always add it again later). If you use all your apps, update them frequently, especially your browsing app. Close them when not using, as it can slow down your browsing.


Doing a simple restart is one of those semi-embarrassing moments of “why didn’t I think of that?” that almost everyone has had once or twice. Sometimes many of us might forget that our smartphones can actually turn off.

If your phone is super slow and glitchy, try restarting. In many cases, it fixes the mysterious issue and returns your phone to normal.

Enable Data Saver Settings

If you come across a website that hasn’t made the change to become more mobile-friendly, it can make your browsing experience less than pleasant (not to mention it can suck up a lot of battery).

To prevent this issue, enable your data saver settings. This will compress pages and block images, which will allow them to load more quickly.

Encourage Businesses to Be More Mobile Friendly

This is not so much a trick, but a recommendation to pass on to friends or family who have online businesses. Encourage them to make their website mobile friendly (if they haven’t already).

Frequents a favorite business but hate how “unfriendly” their website is on your smartphone? You can suggest that they check out to get help optimizing their website.

Not only will this help you out in the future, but your favorite business will probably appreciate the feedback and support they got from you.

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Clear Your Cache

If you still own a PC and work with it on a regular basis, you may be in the habit of clearing your cache to keep things running smoothly. Extend this good habit when using your smartphone, too.

There are good offline apps for either Android and/or iOS that helps you automate the clearing of junks and cache files from your cell phone.

Sync Up Your Platforms

While some smartphone users solely rely on their phone and nothing else, you may be a multi-platform user. How many times have you been browsing on your phone only to return home and wanted to continue browsing on your computer?

Might not seem like that big of a deal, but syncing up your phone and computer is easy and makes your browsing experience that much better. Regardless of the platform or browser, go to your options/settings menu and sync up your browsers.

Manage Your Storage

Even if you have the most updated smartphone, you’re likely to run into some major lag issues. Managing your storage can really help with your mobile browsing experience.

Take an iPhone for instance. If you have a lot of iMessages (like “a lot”), they may be responsible for the slow and glitchy performance.

It may be hard to pick and choose, but some messages, especially with attachments, have to go. Better free storage memory  space means better performance and effective mobile browsing experience.

In Conclusion:

These tips should come in handy for smart phones, PDAs and tablet devices users alike. It is aimed at improving your mobile browsing experience at all times.

Feel free to share us some more cell phone browsing tips/tweaks by using the comments section below.

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