10 Reasons iPhone is better than Android Phone

iPhone is better than Android; is a  debate that has raged on for
years and will probably go on for years to come. Surely we all have had
our 2 cent participation in the conversation making bold statements with
our own reasons of why we think Apple is better than Google or Google
is better than Apple.

The truth of the matter is, choosing one platform
over the other is a personal choice. A choice everyone is free to make
for themselves. And hence personally for me, I feel iPhone is better
than Android.
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iPhone has
always been a preferred choice for consumers and the primal reason being
not just the hardware, but also the ecosystem and coherent experience
that starts from the moment you enter the Apple Store. It starts from
the customer greetings, to selecting your new shiny iPhone as your new
personal gadget.

So here are my top 10 reasons why I still prefer iPhone
Over Android:

1. The App Store

The risk of you knowing this is probably very high and nothing new; but let’s faces it this is one
major factor. Remember, Apple started this whole sale app store
revolution and so they are still major head start over the rest. Hence,
App Store is still a lot bigger than Android Play Store. Contrary to
what the figures tell us with Apple App Store bearing 1.2 million apps
and Android nearing the 1.3 million apps, but keep in mind, the Androids
statistics are made up of multiple different markets and hence there is
no single platform where you can find all 1.3 million apps.

This is one
of the things that gives the iPhone OS the advantage over Android.
Stability hence becomes a critical factor in accessing the quality of
the apps that is far superior with Apple than Android. This brings me to
my second reason.

2. Platform Stability

With the Android platform maturing rapidly, this platform still has to cover a lot of
miles in reaching the stability that iOS 8 platform commands.

the Operating System of iPhone is just rock solid, it rarely crashes,
and even more rarely freezes. With iPhone apps you get quicker response
time, and much more reliable and trusted apps. I know I am not alone in
making this assessment.

Features and specification of tecno p3 android Smartphone

3. Multimedia

Hands down; Apple WINS!
It not only has brilliant music applications, but also easy pod cast,
video management and of course like I said before they’re into this game
a lot ahead than Android courtesy to the famous iTunes.

some would argue that iTunes operates on restricted parameters, but
still the sheer amount of your access to music, films, TV shows, radio
stations – all easily available to download.

4. Simplicity of Design and Usage

iPhone is so easy to use that even my grandfather who is not tech savvy let me
assure you that operates it with much ease! There is practically NO
learning curve required for iPhone and everything is laid out in the
most natural format possible. Starting from unlocking your phone, to the
simple operation of dialing it is very easy; especially when we compare
iPhone to some of the top brands including HTC and Samsung.

This is
where the true brilliance of Steve Jobs shines through. And even if you
are an App developer, you have only ONE testing platform. Surely you do
know that Apple releases iOS Updates with added features and it’s all
documented thoroughly and very properly through the ONE platform for you
to understand.


Image Credit: Simple iPhone Apps


5. Most Up To Date Software

With iPhone you can get the latest iOS (Operating System) version available
through App Store just as soon as it is available. You simply cannot do
that with Android.

This is because Android makers and carriers often do
not support the latest Android versions until several months after
Google releases them.

6. Greater Home Control

With the latest iPhone’s HomeKit you can more prominently control your home appliances
like lights, doors etc. through your iPhone or iPad.

7. Greater Parental Control

The latest Apple Operating System offers parents an added feature called
Family Sharing. You can now share the applications, music, books and
literally ANY content across with your family members through the
devices they own.

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This also lets you restrict your children on certain
apps that are inappropriate for younger audiences.

8. iPhone Fingerprint Sensors through TouchID

An additional feature for sure, but no Android phone comes near to the
technology Apple has to offer with this. Remember, a few years ago,
Apple procured a company by the name Authentic.

This company was famous
for the fingerprint technology. No other company has been a competitor
to their product TouchID since.

9. Other Features (Camera, Battery Life, Payment Gateways)

Not a lot of Android phones have very good camera. But Apple on the
contrary has always been BIG on multimedia. The latest iPhone 6 offers
the best results as far as picture quality is concerned.

The only
competition it has is with Samsung Note 4; which again does not fully
compete with iPhone 6’s nifty features like the ability to shoot
slow-motion and time-lapse videos. Rumor has it; the next iPhone will
have rival DSLRs.

However note that Payment gateways or the method
to pay via phone is fast strong suite of Android platform. However
Apple Pay is a fierce competition. Let’s wait and see what 2015 has in
store with respect to mobile payments.


10.  The Amazing Customer Support

Having a bad day? Well call customer support just for fun to make yourself
feel elevated, even if have not purchased an iPhone yet. That’s how
truly good they are.

From learning how to use your iPhone to asking
complex questions about app development, Apple Store has you covered!
But on the flip side, where would you go when you have a problem with
your Android phone? Very few platforms are out there that offer support
for Android based platforms.

For many, it may be your carriers, but
remember, the carriers don’t have the same kind of support Apple Store

Post Contributed by Umar Jamshed of  Inbound.Zone

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