What to Expect from Android Flagship Smartphones of 2019

Each year since the first Android smartphone was launched commercially, Android smart phone's have evolved to serve consumers better and keep us in awe. 2019 is not going to be any different. We (Android consumers) are in for an upgrade in commercial tech.As it's the custom, end of previous year (2018) trends set the bar for upcoming flagships. In 2018, we saw glimpses of what we expect to be Read On

Cheapest Smart Phones in Nigeria Below 55k: 2017 List w/ Price & Specs

The importance of smart phones in our day-to-day activities is so enormous than one can do without owning one. With thousands of useful apps and tools aimed at making living fun and easy for everyone in circulation, one can hardly do without a smart phone that allows enough storage for apps/games in large numbers.This is why techs would normally advice that you go for devices that aren't Read On

Price-list of Lenovo Phones and Devices in Nigeria: Updated Regularly

Lenovo as we are seeing now, are making great waves in mobile technology market and creating indelible impressions in the market.The Lenovo company is known for the strong body build of their products, both Phones and laptops. Android users have commented so positively on their products and from the current analysis, the company will be joining the top 4 most selling Android devices in Read On

Full Specs and Prices of Awesome Smart Phones Released in 2016

Last year 2015 was indeed a free year for smartphones, but this year there's more to be released: Phones are getting more powerful, designs keep improving on daily basis, and if you're planning to be in the market for a new mobile next year, definitely you're going to be lost for choice.2016 can be said to be a year with a great start in Mobile market, with the invasion of super-classic Read On

Jane iPhone vs. John Android

Photo Courtesy of PixabayBy Chelsy RanardCoca Cola vs. Pepsi, Edison vs. Tesla, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, and iPhone vs. Android. These are some of the most iconic rivalries of all time. Well, maybe not of all time, but they are still recognized oppositions.The two mobile platforms that are the most popular are iOS and Android. There have been many comparisons between the phones Read On