Download latest version of 2go App for taking snapshot, long status update, star boosting Cheat

After dumping 2go for about a year now I was forced to start using it again ‘cos of persistence pressure from peers especially the ones who just started it recently .

I myself being the kinda guy that never stops at the ordinary in anything I’m doing, have to do some tweaks to tryna dig deep into advance features of 2go mostly the latest version 3.5 luckily for me then I got to chat with a friend who attached a molded version of 2go 3.5 with long status update , works with most of the cheats including the star boosting cheat discussed in this thread ,

Can take screenshot / screen capture in your nokia s40 (nokia express music 5130c , nokia x2 , nokia x1 , nokia c2 , nokia c3 , nokia c1 , nokia asha etc ) nokia s60 (nokia n70 , nokia c6 , nokia c5 , nokia e5 , nokia e6 , nokia 6060 etc) , Windows mobile phones with tweak , tecno n3 , n1 , t3 ,t1 , d3 , d7 , n7 and all android phones with jbed tweak and other cool features .

Now taking the screenshot on your chat window / any window within the 2go environment is as easy as  navigating to the place you wanna take the screenshot and pressing the green button or answer key of your phone.

In fact this can actually help you to capture a backup copy of those funny pictures most of your friends uses for profile pix lol , just view the person’s profile pix and hit your green button to capture .

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How to download this molded 2go version 3.5xx

I have personally uploaded this 2go to the file sharing site all you need do is download either the first one which is .jar (that’s if your phone run jar directly ) or download the second one which is in .zip so you can easily rename it to .zip with your file manager or ftp . else download it via a pc and send it to your phone via  Bluetooth.

1. link for .jar (java) Download it from here

2. Link for .zip (zip format ) Download it from here

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    Wow! what an amazing 2go chatting app tips you’ve got, keep it up and always.

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