20 Best Skateboarding Games for Android

A skateboard is a slate with four tires, while skateboarding is the act of riding the skateboard. Aside from being a hobby to a lot of people, skateboarding is also a sport that professionals engage in to win different medals. However, if you are a skateboarding hobbyist who does not only loves riding physical skates but also love playing with virtual skates, here is a list of the 20 best skateboarding games for Android you should totally check out.

1. Epic Skater 2

Epic Skater 2

The Epic skater 2 game was built with skateboarding enthusiasts in mind. It houses a lot of features that make for a very interesting skateboarding game, with the potentials of being loved by many skateboarding enthusiasts.

This skateboarding game features over skate gear, clothing, and accessories to customize your virtual skater, 40 career mode levels, 44 unique upgradeable tricks and lots more. In summary, if you love skating, you are certainly going to love this game.

2. Skater Boy

Skater Boy

The skater boy skateboarding game makes virtual skateboarding a whole lot of fun. You get to perform a lot of your favorite tricks. It’s more of a game designed to keep your skateboarding passion burning, in the absence of a conducive time or place to skate.

The skater boy game packs in HD graphics that sought of providing a near realistic skateboarding experience in a virtual form, offers three different terrains to skate on, 90 levels and lots more. The skater boy game can be downloaded from the GooglePlay store for free.

3. Skateboard FE3D 2

Skateboard FE3D 2

Skateboard FE3D 2 offers enthusiasts a free environment to Rome around with their virtual skateboard. As a player, you aren’t restricted to any form of lay down rules, you are not competing for any goal.

However, if you do decide to compete, you have arcade modes that let you compete to win stuff. Skateboard FE3D 2 lets players create their own skate parks, customize characters and also skateboards. The Skateboard FE3D 2 Game is available for free download from the Google Playstore.

4. Stickman Skate Battle

Stickman Skate Battle

Stickman skates offer interesting and addictive competitions that suit the need for competitive skateboard enthusiasts. Stickman skate comes packed with a system that lets players compete with opponents around the globe via the internet.

Players are offered a variety of skill set to spice up gameplay. Inside this game, there are 10 skate parks, 22 characters, 32 skateboards, 15 special tricks, 10 events and lots more. The stickman Skate battle game is available for free download from the Google Playstore.

5. Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam

Skateboarding games for Android

Every sport seems to have an icon. Golf has tiger woods, football has Pele, tennis has Serena Williams and lots more. When it comes to Skateboarding the Tony Hawk is a household name. Having made a lot of astonishing accomplishments, Tony Hawk raised the bar in the game of skateboarding, becoming a skater a lot of skaters emulate.

The Tony Hawk skateboard game challenges your skateboarding skills, it challenges to becoming better at virtual skateboarding. This game is packed with several modes designed to keep you engaged as skateboard enthusiasts. One such modes are the Tony Hawk mode, which has a meter that tells how good you are at virtual skateboarding. In other to win in that mode, you are required to cross a certain threshold.  The Tony Hawk Skate Jam is available for download from the GooglePlay store.

6.  Touch Grind Skate 2

Touch Grind Skate 2

Touch Grind Skate 2 brings skateboarding to your fingertips. In this game, players get to control a virtual skateboard using their fingers.

This skateboard comes packed with 3 free roam game modes, about 100 challenges, 3 different skaters, different camera views and lots more. Touch Grind skate 2 is available for free download from the GooglePlay store.

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7. True Skate

True Skate

Still, on the topic of best skateboarding games for Android, The True Skate game is yet another highly recommended skateboarding game for enthusiasts. This skateboarding game is packed with features design to keep skateboarding enthusiasts far from boredom.
In other to ensure a near realistic experience, this game features a realistic touch based physics. Unlike the already mentioned games, the True skate game isn’t totally free, you are required to make some in-app purchases. However, this game is available for purchase, from the Google Playstore.

8.  Mike V: Skateboard Party

Mike V: Skateboard Party

Although not as big as Tony Hawk, Mike V is another big name in the skateboard business. Aside from being a famous skater. The skateboard party game challenges you to do better in a virtual world of skateboarding. Its a sought of extreme skateboarding game for enthusiasts who are really into skateboarding.

The skateboard party offers different modes, which improves engulfment. Modes available here include career mode, free skate and learner mode and lots more. Players also have the option of selecting from a list of 8 skaters.

9. Skate Surfers

Skate Surfers

Skate Surfer is more of an arcade oriented skateboard game. Your job is to skate around a certain terrain, avoiding obstacles that come in your part, making your character remains unharmed.

The skater surfer game is a fast-paced game that involves jumping and avoiding obstacles to ensure the safe passage of your character.  The skate surfer game is available for free download from the Google Playstore.

10. Skater Rush

Skater Rush

The skater Rush is more of a Subway Surfer themed game. The logic here is basically the same as that of the Subway Surfer game. Your task here is skate through busy roads, avoid cars and other obstacles that come your way.

You can also collect coins in the process of avoiding obstacles. You also have access to a bunch of skill sets that may spice up your gameplay. There are also power-ups you can apply to make the game a bit more fast-paced.

11. Street Lines: Skateboard

Street Lines: Skateboard

From the makers of the Skateboarding FE3D 2 game, comes yet another highly recommended skateboarding game for Android. The Street Lines Skateboarding game is plotted on the streets. If you love skating on the streets, then you are certainly going to love this game.

You get to choose skate venues in the streets of San Francisco, Miami Beach, London, Barcelona and lots more. The street Lines skateboard game is available for download from the Google Playstore.

12. PEPPI Skate 3D

PEPPI Skate 3D

PEPPI Skate 3D attempts to give you a near realistic virtual skateboarding experience. This game is packed with the majority of the top trending features on skateboarding games.

You have got a virtual environment you can skate and perform tons of skateboarding stunts., pretty much the type of stunts you will perform with a real skateboard. The PEPPI Skate 3D is available for download from the Google Playstore.

13. Skating Freestyle Extreme 3D

Skating Freestyle Extreme 3D

The Skating Freestyle Skating Extreme 3D game is a game designed enthusiast who is big-time into making skateboard stunts. Inside the game, you have a wheel featuring different skateboarding stunts you can choose to spice up your virtual skateboarding.

Players are at liberty to customize their skateboards and characters, to suit their taste. The Skateboard Extreme 3D game is available for free download from the GooglePlay store.

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14. Skateboard Stunt Game

Skateboard Stunt Game

The Skateboard stunt game is yet another stunt-based game. Its a skateboarding game built for folks who love to make skate stunts a lot.

Think of it as a virtual playground for skateboard enthusiasts. This game is packed with 10 skateboard missions, different arcade unlocks, a good HD graphics interface and lots more. This game is available for free downloads from the GooglePlay store.

15. Flip Skater

Flip Skater

Ready to go skating on a virtual beach? Flip Skater is here to take you on that virtual ride. The Flip skater is a skateboarding game designed for enthusiasts who fancy skating in a more collaborative environment like the beach. You have got different attitude boosters which help in making stunts.

On the arcade side, you have got coins to covet, in other to unlock special features. This game is packed with four different themes level, multiple cool stunts, four characters and lots more. This game can be downloaded from the GooglePlay Store for free.

16. Downhill Extreme

Downhill Extreme

If virtual skateboard competitions are your thing, then the Downhill Extreme game may just be what you need. Downhill Extreme is a skateboarding game centered skateboard competition. Packed in this game are different exciting venues to compete in the game of skateboarding.

You have different characters and also different skateboards to choose from. The Downhill Extreme game is available for download from the GooglePlay store for free.

17. Skate X 3D

Skate X 3D

The Skate X 3D game is another highly recommended skateboarding game for Android devices. It is one of those Skateboarding games that offer a free virtual environment for users to roam and try and out different skateboarding skills.

It either you decided to compete or you just roam trying out different skills. This game is available for download from the Google Playstore for free.

18. Skateboard Pro Zombie Run 3D

Skateboard Pro Zombie Run 3D

The Skateboard Pro Zombie Run 3D is a face-paced skateboard game based on escape from a zombie apocalypse. The story here is pretty simple.

You have to choose from 4 different skate characters, after which you are to run a drill of using your skate expertise to escape from incoming zombies or getting devoured. This game is available for free download, from the GooglePlay store.

19. Infinite Skater

Infinite Skater

You can only do this in a virtual world. Infinite skaters bring those childish weird fantasy to life. It’s a skating game that lets players do more than just skating.

They get to fly and do a lot more. If you love having side-attractions when skating, then this game might just be what you need. You have got a ton of things to make virtual skating a lot less serious.

20. Skater Boy Epic Heros

Skater Boy Epic Heros

Last but certainly not least, is the Skater Boy Epic Heroes game. It is a skater game geared towards keeping the toddlers happy. It offers bright colors and elements that appeal to little ones. However, the whole idea behind skating isn’t abolished.

They get to perform different skate stunts and do lots more. They even get to play arcade modes to win stuff. This game is available for download from the GooglePlay store.

Wrapping it up:

There you have it – a comprehensive list of the 20 best skateboarding games for Android. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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