Car Checklist: 5 DIY Car Maintenance Tips You Can Handle

Buying a car is not the only expense that comes with comfort, and neither is the fuel. Car maintenance is a tricky business, but with little effort, you can learn the basics that can help you save some bucks instead of handing out money to the mechanics for simple, easy tasks.

Let me quickly tell you about the few ways in which you can maintain your car without any extra cost.

Take Care of the Battery

car maintenance tips

Nobody wants to be ghost chowder on empty roads in the middle of the night, right? But you will concur with the fact that your car gives up on you when you need it the most.

This incident often occurs because your car battery’s life has run out. Usually, the dashboard has a warning sign for a low battery that lights up just in time to tell you that the battery needs replacement.

Now, you can either ask a mechanic to change the battery for you (expenditure that can be avoided), or you can do it yourself at home (which is so much fun!) Always work on the negative terminal first and then the positive terminal before you disconnect the battery.

Take Care of the Car’s Interior

Car's Interior maintenance

It wouldn’t be untrue if I said that in this millennium, folks are quite literally living in their cars. We spend most of our day in the car, and it is just not a pleasant feeling to sit on worn out seats.  Think about changing the car seat covers every six months; I think it helps with maintaining the outlook of the car.

You can also buy a cleaning spray from the hardware store, and use any old (but washed!) rags of cloth to regularly clean your car’s dashboard and interior. An air freshener will serve as a cherry on top if you keep your car’s interior squeaky clean.

Drive Carefully

Your car won’t need frequent trips to the mechanic if you decide not to drive your car too fast. People who drive their vehicles super-fast often notice that their car’s tires wear out quicker than usual.

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Driving slowly ensures that you’ll save some money on the fuel and tire replacement.

how to care for your car

Also, driving your car too fast can lead to an accident. Even if, by some miracle, you don’t get hurt, your car will suffer some severe damage. Avoid using the brakes suddenly to keep your car as good as new.

Clean the Exterior Engine

For those of you who know nothing about how a car works, opening the bonnet and taking a look at the car’s engine can be a little intimidating. But fret not, you don’t need to dismantle the engine or fix it yourself should a problem arise.

how to keep a car clean

All I suggest is that once in a blue moon, you should take a look at the exterior of the car’s engine and check if it is clean. If your car’s engine has a lot of debris piled on it, it won’t be as highly functional as it should be.

There are several engine cleaners out there in the market that you can use to clean your car engine’s exterior. You can also find other car accessories at the website: Carifex – Start driving Smarter Today.

Buy a Car Cover

best car cover to buy

Keeping your car covered can help protect it against the elements found in the air. If you have a garage, then you probably don’t need to invest in a car cover.

However, if you park your car outside your house in the street, buying a cover could save you from spending a lot of money on car maintenance in the long run. It will remain safe from the changing weather, and it will need less frequent washes.

So, these are the few ideas that are simple to execute but quite helpful with maintaining your car.

Good Luck!

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