How to Create Beautiful-Looking Posters Online With DesignCap

Posters are considered a cost-effective advertising method especially favored by the non-profit organization, students and teachers and traders with little budget. They perform in the way of communicating some ideas with concise messages and impressive picture.

Making a poster for promoting your product is good to get your brand exposure. Admittedly, there are vast numbers of graphics tools available to help you do this job. But, here an excellent program to help you manage this task and get high-solution posters without cost. That is DesignCap, an exclusive poster maker.

DesignCap is an online platform that allows you to make a beautiful poster in just a few minutes with zero designing experience. The intuitive interface gives a clear idea of how to conduct your poster making project. The DesignCap app was created with the aims of making poster designing easier and much better.

DesignCap Poster Maker Overview

DesignCap Poster maker tutorial

DesignCap is developed by PearlMountain, a dedicated graphics software company with over ten years of industry experience which owns other two well-known brands, FotoJet and DesignEvo. It was created in the aims of making poster designing easier but not regular posters. Its unusual features would amaze you and make you love the possibility of unlocking your gift on making the poster.

Features of DesignCap Poster Maker

  • DesignCap Poster Maker lets you create 100% customizable posters
  • It comes with lots of flyers and poster templates that are available for free.
  • DesignCap Poster Maker has a lot of predesigned resources such as clipart images, fonts, shapes, and beautiful backgrounds.
  • It is convenient, intuitive, and easy to use: There’s no download or registration required before use.
  • DesignCap Poster Maker is easily a powerfully versatile graphic editing tool: Lets you crop, rotate, resize, copy, delete, do layer management, etc.

Pricing: DesignCap Poster Maker is 100% free. All features in DesignCap are free to access, and there is no such thing as freemium or premium plans.

How to Make a Poster or Flyer with DesignCap Poster Maker

Making a professional-looking poster with DesignCap powerful editor is dead-easy. You can do this within a few minutes and in just three steps —> choosing a template, editing, and saving. It is a user-friendly tool for people who need a poster in a hurry or with little graphics learning.

The service even requires no registration so you would not need to bother about brainstorming passwords, and just skip this procedure to save your time. You can become more productive easily with DesignCap Poster Maker.

Making Great Dreams For Your Self

DesignCap poster maker tutorial (a how-to guide)

As mentioned above, you can make your poster only in three steps. The following detailed information will give you a clear guide on how to design posters with DesignCap.

The first step: selecting a poster template form hundreds of well-designed poster templates

After access to the homepage of DesignCap and then give a click the orange button “Make a Free Poste/Flyer.” The poster designing page will present to you. Five primary editors are played in the left bar; the poster canvas above are four major operations on managing the poster.


DesignCap offers a wide range of poster templates for you to choose. All these templates are prepared in different categories for your convenience to pick the right theme poster to meet your need. There are various poster templates, like, promotion poster, school posters, music posters, and art posters, etc. No matter what posters you need, all you could find in DesignCap, it will never let you down.

The second step: customizing the poster

There are four basic editors for you to enhance your poster with your full customization.


If you want to decorate your poster with the images that you have already collected, and this function would be awesome for you. It allows you to import pictures from your computer, Facebook or Instagram. This is cheerful. Also, if you are not the kind of person who would collect and keep exciting photos, it also provides another option for you to add images by searching from Pixabay’s over 580,000 free images.

After selecting the photos, you could edit them by cropping, rotating or flipping, changing the layer, changing the effects, opacity, and exposure. There is a lot of operations to edit the photos; all are waiting for your exploring.


A massive font library is listed to help you attract the audience to notice the message about what you want to express. To conceive a piece of brilliant copywriting is your job. Even the funny font would be little help for communicating with your target crowd with less informative text. Also, you could modify the font with useful editors.


Besides the 93,000 clipart searching available from the internet, DesignCap provides numerous lovely clipart in different categories. It would give you enough elements to perfect your poster designing. Also, like photo editors, you could redesign clipart to fit for your poster.

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There are two kinds of background, color background (solid and gradient) and pre-set background. The function would be quite helpful for people to start from scratch.

The final step: save, share or print the poster

After you have finished decorating your poster with all the editing tools mentioned above or some of them, you can finish the process of designing by saving it, distributing it or by sharing it on your social media to get more influence. You can also print the designed poster/flyer for offline uses.

Saving your Designs

To get your masterpiece is easy and free; you could share DesignCap. How? When you save a file, it would have a tip to ask you to share DesignCap by the button available on social media.

Size and format available

Size (fix four sizes): Small 793 X 1122px, Medium 1239 X 1753 px, Large 1652 X 2337 px, and Xlarge 2478 X 3506 px.

Format: JPG and PNG.

Printing and Sharing: It makes connecting with the most popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. So you can easily share your poster on these social network sites. If you have a printer, you can also print it directly by clicking on the Print button.

My Verdict

Something good with DesignCap Poster Maker

  • You can skip the registration process.
  • You can import pictures from the computer, Facebook, etc.
  • The interface is very intuitive, user-friendly, easy to use, and the best of best is that it’s entirely free for use.

Something that needs an improvement

  • The output size is limited; only four sizes are available.
  • It would be better to provide many more graphics dimensions.

All in all, DesignCap Poster Maker is top solid for professional and casual uses. Considering all the factors discussed, DeignCap would be a solid choice for you to create stunning posters. It is worth taking your precious time to have a try of it. And once you use DesignCap, you can find how amazing it is in poster making field.

To learn more about DesignCap Poster Maker, check out their official website at

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