How to Get Bolt Promo Codes Plus Free Bolt Rides in Nigeria

Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt is one of the highly recommended cab-hailing services in Nigeria. Despite being in a sector crowded by giants like UBER, Bolt still remains highly placed in the hearts of many. This is made possible by the awesome services they offer. Bolt has one of the most intuitive cab-hailing apps available. They recently included a multiple destination feature that allows Read On

Car Checklist: 5 DIY Car Maintenance Tips You Can Handle

Buying a car is not the only expense that comes with comfort, and neither is the fuel. Car maintenance is a tricky business, but with little effort, you can learn the basics that can help you save some bucks instead of handing out money to the mechanics for simple, easy tasks. Let me quickly tell you about the few ways in which you can maintain your car without any extra cost.Take Care of Read On

Top 15 Best Cars for College Students

Many college students will get their first car when they go on to a tertiary institution of learning. Also, as many are relatively new drivers, they are at higher risk of accidents, so vehicle safety is paramount.Students will also be moving their possessions, electronics, clothes and more, so they will need a car with reasonable space. They also work on tight budgets, meaning that most will Read On