How to Increase Image Resolution Quickly with Image Upscaler Tool

upscale images quickly

Image resolution means how much a picture contains pixels per inch. It is demonstrated as DPI (dots per inch), and Image quality or precision depends upon these pixels. For instance, an image of 300 (length) x 300 (height) contains 90,000 pixels. As far as the pixels in your mobile phone increases, the photo resolution increases. That’s why 5 megapixels cameras are now considered reliable than 3 megapixels because it captures large-sized images.

Image Upscale Services

In the image Upscaler website, multiple tools are available that are being used to upscale the quality of the image four times. It avoids introducing artifacts or distortion in it.

Upscale Images

Most of the time, we deal with certain apps and social media sites that require a specific size of the image. It happens so many times to us when we fill a form for an academic career or on any website portal; they made a condition to upload an image of that particular size, and above that size, which your image is not acceptable. In such situations upscaling tools are needed to resize the images to fulfill the demands.

Remove JPEG Artifacts

The best way to get a small-sized image of the original one is to save it in JPEG format. After doing that, a smaller sized image is obtained, but it loses its quality as before. Smaller squares are formed around the objects due to which sharpness or clarity of the image lost. These smaller squares are known as JPEG artifacts, which can be further removed to increase photo resolution online via Upscaler.

Image upscaler is used to remove the artifacts of the image, increasing resolution of the image and making it delightful to human eyes. It is operable on camera photos as well as on google photos. Removing artifacts is needed only when you want to increase the resolution of the image.


Deblurring is the name of a process of removing blurring artifacts from pictures or changing image resolution. Blur effect can be caused by numerous reasons like capturing an image in blur motion, defocusing the image, etc. it’s a convolution around a point with hypothetically sharp images that rise a question of how to increase the resolution of an image?

Deblurring creates sharpness in the images, and the sharpness of an image keeps the reader focused for a few seconds. Sometimes it becomes mandatory to upload a high-quality and sharp image in any social media network. Every person wants to upload the coolest picture, which cannot be ignored by anyone. Upscaler is featured with the deblurring fact too. It deblurs images, which are blurred by camera’s defocusing, motion blur a shooting from a prolonged distance.

How to Enlarge Small Photos to HD Images with AI Image Enlarger Tool

Input Image Requirements

Every app or tool is limited to some terms and conditions. It takes only JPEG, JPG, and PNG files; picture size must be less or equal to 5 Mb, image width, and height dimensions not more than 2500 pixels. Are you confused about how to make a photo higher resolution? You can compress images once because good results a on compressed images.

How Image Upscaler Tool Works

It works on the principle of artificial intelligence and enlarges images without adding blur effect and maintaining quality in return of a question like how to change the resolution of the picture. It works online from the browser, and you don’t need to do any sort of installations.

The Working

  • It draws the lacking pixels at the place of larger ones.
  • A huge set of images are collected and turned into a library and trained over a generative adversarial network (GAN). It facilitates the apps to know about the buildings, books, land, and in short object’s appearance.
  • Upload an image, Image Upscaler scans it, identifies the pattern and try to match with the trained image and objects and then intelligently draw the missing pixels to complete the empty portion of an image. It means an empty portion is filled with pixels, and image quality is resized, and it takes hardly from 1 to 21 seconds.
  • After upscaling, deblurring, or removing artifacts, you can download it and can compare it with the original one.

The Benefits for Users

Website owners can use it for adding graphics on their website, student for making assignments, or filling online forms. Managers that may prepare presentation and reports, a scientist for reports or result in analysis or roaming a question in their mind is how to make pic high resolution, self-development coaches that are worried about how to make a higher resolution photo, and social media users like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Bloggers.

Rewards of Upscaler

  • Image Upscaler can be used on smartphones, office laptops, desktop computers, and everywhere where you want to run it.
  • It takes less time and easily converts.
  • Non-professional people who don’t know how to make pictures high resolution and in-depth history of generative adversarial networks are far away from it only at a button click distance.

Final Words

Image compression or resizing tools are composed of many and many pixels. Image upscale allows you to enlarge images through an artificial intelligence network instead of making a copy of their pixels and destroying the quality of the image. In short, it provides a solution to how to make an image higher resolution.


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