Best Audio Editing Apps for Android

The need for a top-notch audio editing app cannot be overemphasized, especially in this era where many individuals have become inclined to creating content with their Android devices. There are a plethora of these Audio editing apps on the Google Playstore, which makes searching for the right now a bit herculean. This article reduces the task, by providing you with a list of 10 of the best audio editing apps for Android.

1. Andro Sound Audio Editor

Best Audio Editing apps for Android

The Andro Sound Editor is an app designed exclusively for enthusiasts who desire to tweak the audio recorded with their smartphone or other recording devices attached to their smartphone. The main stuff here is that audio is edited on their smartphone.

To this end, the app is packed with useful and exciting features. Fade in / out effect, audio trimming, the addition of echo, tempo adjusting, adjust audio volume, and lots more. The app also comes with an inbuilt audio recording feature, that lets you record audio within the app. The Andro Sound editor is available for download from the Google Playstore.

2. Timbre


The Timbre app takes things up a notch by offering features that will prove useful to all the enthusiasts that are interested in creating top-notch media content on their smartphones. Why? it comes packed with tools for video and audio edits, a combo that is essential in editing content.

Inside this app, you will find an Audio cutter, video cutter, audio and video joiner, video to audio converter, Bitrange range, audio-video speed changer, and an array of other germane features. The Timbre app is available on the Google Plays store for download.

3. Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor

The Lexis audio editor comes in as an easy to use mobile audio editing tool, that offers a very intuitive and easy to use interface, which is friendly to both the pro and the beginner. The fact that is an easy-to-use Audio editing app doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a slouch, lacking top-notch.

The Lexis audio editor does come packed with a ton of useful audio editing tools. Packed in are Copy, cut, paste, pitch control, noise reducer, mixer, Delete, insert silence, trim, fade in, fade out, and more. The Lexis audio editor can be downloaded from the Google Playstore.

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4. WavePad Master’s Edition

WavePad Master's Edition

The Wave Pad Edition app is offering enthusiasts a system that lets them tweak voice records, into outputs that are more appealing. This is achieved with its arsenal of imperative voice editing tools, which include amplify, normalize cut, copy, insert trim, and lots more.

Also, the Wave Pad edition app supports a plethora of file formats, it also has a sharing system that lets you easily share audio projects with friends, colleagues, and social media fans.

5. Voice Pro

Voice PRO

Voice Pro app comes in as a highly intuitive app designed to meet the needs of enthusiasts who want to take their smartphone audio record to the next level. Amongst the numerous features in the voice Pro app include amplify, normalize, and compress.

The Voice Pro app also has support for plugins that gives it extra functionality like encrypting and decrypting your records and more. The Voice Pro app will cost you approximately $13 per month.

6. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile

The FL studio is unarguably one of the most used programs in the field of audio editing and it turns out there is a mobile version of the app dubbed the FL studio mobile.

The FL Studio mobile app may not be as fully pledged as the desktop program, but it does pack in a ton of features that sets it as one of the most powerful mobile audio editing apps.

Inside the app, you will find features that could to an extent help you add effects to voices, tending towards the record-producing angle.

Inside the app, you will find a Midi controller, audio dicker, equalizer, and lots more. Making use of the FL Studio mobile will cost you $16 approximately.

7. Audio Droid


The developers behind the Audio droid app understands the importance of having top-notch audio editing tools on mobile phones. As such, they packed the Audio Droid app with a ton of exciting and useful apps.

Inside the app, you will find a 3-band equalizer, filter, tempo, hall reverb, bass, and lots more. The Audio droid app is available on the Google Play store, however, enthusiasts will have to pay approximately $3 to get access to the pro features.

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8. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Ringtone makers are unarguably the most popular type of audio editor. At some point, you have that particular verse of a song you wish to use as your ringtone. This is where apps like this MP3 cutter and ringtone maker comes into play.

The MP3 cutter app is host to a timeline that makes cutting a part of the audio file. It is an easy to use slider system. What’s more? The MP3 cutter and Ringtone Maker app is a 100% free app for Android phones and tablet devices.

9. Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker

The Ringtone Maker app is yet another audio editing app that is also suited for making ringtones. It’s a very efficient tool to cut-out bits of an audio file. Much like the already mentioned ringtone maker app, this app packs in an intuitive timeline that makes cutting bits and audio files a  breeze.

Aside from the timeline, the ringtone maker app also features a copy-paste system, fade-in fade-out system, volume adjustment, and lots more. The app isn’t totally free, as enthusiasts will have to pay $0.99 to get access to the pro features.

10. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Last but certainly not least, is the Audio evolution studio, which is another top-notch goto app for enthusiasts who desire a top-notch audio editing app for their Android device. Packed in are tools designed to help enthusiasts shape their audio life. It works in a similar fashion to the already listed apps and works on several models phones and devices.

Wrapping up

No doubt, there are tons of the existing audio editing apps which were not outlined in this article, however, the aim wasn’t to totally outlined all of them, but to bring to your notice some of the top-notch ones. To this end, if you have any other recommendations or any personal favorites, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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