How to Recover Deleted Files/Data from iPhone

In our lives at some point of time we all face data lose issue, losing precious data from iPhone is the worst feeling we ever faces in our life. And the situation becomes more pathetic when we lost important business documents.

There are various reasons which cause data loss like people accidentally delete their messages which hold very important information, images automatically get blank, etc.

At that point of time people think that they have lost their precious data for ever but actually it is not true. When we delete anything from iPhone iOS device then the item we have deleted is not gone permanently even it goes to unallocated space and is still recoverable.

First let me give you some tips so you can prevent data lose issue.

Tips to avoid data loss from iPhone

  •  Make sure you will not require deleted data that you have selected for deletion and always recheck the information you are going to delete is useful or not.
  • Always make backup of your important data before going to update your iPhone to new iOS device.
  • Try to complete jailbraking process successfully to avoid data lose issue.
  • Always keep your iPhone at safe place and sync it with iTune, if you ever face data lose issue so you can recover it from iTune backup.
  • Always use quality and updated anti-virus software.
  • Try to improve Battery life of your iPhone.
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Lost Data Recovery

There are various things you can do to solve iPhone data lose issue and recover all your lost file and documents from iOS device.  If you have backup of your lost data in iCloud backup file then it is very easy to get your lost data back.

What you have to do is just look for iCloud backup file to recover your lost data. However it is not that easy to restore data from iCloud backup file because to restore data first you need to erase all content and setting.

To erase all content and settings first go to settings => General => Reset => Erase All Content and Settings

After erasing device it goes into setup assistant mode and start with Hello screen. You can start setup process by swiping on the screen. To restore data from backup just turn on WIFI network, tap restore from icloud backup then signin with your Apple ID and click on desired backup and wait for backup to be restored on device from iCloud backup file.

recover iphone 5 data


How to Restore Data with iTunes?

To restore data from iTunes, first you need to connect your iPhone with the computer system and then open iTunes and click on file on the top menu, choose Devices from drop down and click on Restore from Backup.

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iphone 5 data recovery tips

Still desired data not recovered? Don’t worry just try third party iPhone data recovery software like Stellar Phoenix Data recovery for iPhone.

It will help you to recover your data without facing any hamper. To get your lost data back what you have to do is just download the iPhone data recovery software from and connect your iPhone to the computer.

After downloading; open the software, you will see three lost data recovery options.

how to recover data from iphone 5

Out of three data recovery options you can choose any of them. For instance we have chosen the option ‘Recover iOS Device’ option.

After selecting the recovery method, software will start scanning process on the selected device.  Once the scanning process is completed, it will give preview of all lost files. After taking preview of your lost data you can simply recover and save that data at your desire location.

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