Infinix Phones in Nigeria and their Current Price-list: Updated Regularly

Infinix PhonesInfinix phones are one of the most popular smartphone brand making waves in Mobile technology market in Nigeria today.

Their triumphant launch of the well-received Infinix Hot 2 X510 (the first Android one in Nigeria) was a turning point for the Infinix Mobility brand.

Infinix smartphones are known for their study design, smooth screen, high-quality display and amazing feel that makes it unique in its own way.

We have previously posted the Price-list for  HTC, Blackberry, Tecno and Nokia phones in Nigeria and would be posting that of Infinix phones and devices today.

The listed devices are easily available in all popular online shopping malls in Nigeria and can be shipped to any location without much delay and/or technicality.

The list of available Infinix Phones in Nigeria with their Price tag

INFINIX HOT 2 X510 (16+1GB)

₦31, 000


Infinix HOT Note (16+1)

₦32, 000

Infinix phones

Infinix -Hot 3

₦48, 000
Infinix Note 3

Infinix HOT Note 2



Infinix HOT Note Pro



Infinix HOT 4



Infinix Zero 2 (32GB)



Infinix HOT S


Infinix hot s

Infinix – Infinix Joypad 10.1

Infinix Phones

Infinix – Joypad 8

₦69, 000
Infinix Joypad 8

Infinix Zero 3

₦58, 000
Infinix Zero 3

Infinix Note 3

NGN 55, 000
Infinix note 3

Infinix S2

NGN 52, 000
infinix s2


(NGN 90, 000)


Infinix – Joypad 10 X1000

 infinix phones

 Infinix Note 4

NGN 60,000

Infinix Zero 4

NGN 66, 000
 Infinix Zero 4

Infinix Hot 5

NGN 36, 000
 Infinix Hot 5

Infinix Zero 5

NGN 105, 000
Infinix Zero 5
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NOTE: all the phones listed above are not sold by US, this list is to enable people to make a better choice when trying to buy an Infinix Smartphone.

The listed prices were sourced from Slot and other top e-commerce stores in Nigeria. You can safely buy an Infinix smartphone of choice from Konga, Slot, and Jumia.

if you encounter any problem with shopping online and/or understanding the phone to go for, please do drop us a line.


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