Monitoring Kids on Social Media: Protection or Privacy Invasion?

Modern day kids are hard to supervise because they spend most of their time on their digital gadgets. This makes it difficult for parents to actually know what’s happening in their kids’ lives.To bridge this gap, many parents turn to parental control apps. These apps enable them to keep tabs on each and every activity being performed by their children on their smartphones and Read On

How To Make a Folder in Gmail

Are you frustrated in arranging your mails? Do you have tons of mails in your inbox so that you can’t find mail easily? If your answer is yes, you should try to use Gmail, because it is very easy to manage your mails as it has functioned for a label, which will help you to arrange specific kinds of mails with different labels.If you run your own business, you must keep your email organized to Read On

Wi-Fi Theft Prevention: How to Secure Wi-Fi Internet Connection

 You may be expending so much on your Wi-Fi subscription monthly. Unfortunately, you don’t get to use the Wi-Fi to surf the internet before it expires. This can be very painful. Alternatively, your Wi-Fi connection may be very slow.One of the contributing factors to this is that someone may be stealing your Wi-Fi. Therefore, the owner of the Wi-Fi Router have to act fast to stop Read On

Sponsored Reviews, Advertorials & Promotional Post – any room for it?

3rd Planet Techies is focused more on dishing out quality contents that will benefit our readers than feeding bots with links and /or improving your website SERP and ranking.We understand that - you need a decent authority for your domain and pages, but that shouldn't be done at the expense of quality, trust and professionalism.We decided to make this post public in order to scare aware Read On

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages?

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications during the recent years. Attractive features like cross-platform support, media sharing and ease of use has made WhatsApp to be the top choice among most smart phone users.On the other hand, WhatsApp has also become a favorite application for many cheaters to exchange secret messages and maintain illicit Read On

Top 5 Best Free VPN Apps that Protects your Privacy Online

If internet privacy, surfing anonymously, accessing blocked websites, using censored content and services is a big concern to you, this article is for you as we're going to discuss about the best free VPN clients that protects your online privacy by letting you surf anonymously.Its no longer a news that most users from other countries outside the US are restricted from accessing, Netflix, Read On