Wema Bank Money Transfer Code for USSD Banking

The money transfer code banking system is unarguably one of the best things that have happened to the Nigerian banking sector. It made banking transactions a whole easier. Customers no longer have to wait in long ques to make money transfer. All banks have embraced this system as it has become a key player in the actualization of a cashless Policy. Wema bank is one of those banks that care a lot Read On

How to Get Bolt Promo Codes Plus Free Bolt Rides in Nigeria

Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt is one of the highly recommended cab-hailing services in Nigeria. Despite being in a sector crowded by giants like UBER, Bolt still remains highly placed in the hearts of many. This is made possible by the awesome services they offer. Bolt has one of the most intuitive cab-hailing apps available. They recently included a multiple destination feature that allows Read On

Keystone Bank Airtime Recharge Code

The major advantage of technology and innovation is that it reduces the stress of carrying out our day-to-day tasks. This fact is true for all sectors. The application of technological advancements makes everything go seamlessly. Fintech and Banking systems have also been made to seamlessly buy technological innovations, one of which is the ability for customers to purchase airtime without having Read On

3 Important Things to Consider Before You Send a Work Email

If you are working, you must have been doing a lot of interoffice and intraoffice correspondence through emails. Especially if your work is mostly done on a computer, emails may become a large part of your day. While emails are mostly used to communicate formally, they can be abused and can also affect the reputation of your company. Whether you are composing an email to convert a potential Read On

Ecobank Money Transfer Code

The electronic money transfer system has been adopted by most financial institutions, due to the liberty it gives its customers. Being able to transfer money without being hindered by the physical cash at hand means that you will be able to pay for goods and services at any time. In order to tap into this system, Ecobank developed a USSD code that allows customers to make money transfer from their Read On

How to Active HBO Go

The HBO GO system is an extension of HBO subscriptions. It was designed to allow HBO users to stream content on the Go. HBO Go lets users stream HBO content on different devices, without any additional cost. The idea is very simple, have to head to work via the bus and cannot miss that show? HBO GO got you covered. You can stream your favorite show on any device this way you won't have to miss out Read On

Keystone Bank Money Transfer Code

Last time on Obasimvilla (The Tech Diary of an IT support geek), we talked about Keystone Bank Airtime Recharge Code but would like to show you the super-easy Keystone Bank Money Transfer Code today.  Well, gone are the days when you have to stand in a long queue to transfer money from your account. All thanks to the Keystone bank transfer code, transferring money has become as easy as making a Read On