The 40 Siri Commands you Should Know in 2020

Siri is apple's own virtual assistant. Siri is built into iOS, Mac OS, Apple TV OS, and Watch OS. It is one of the most used virtual assistants today, which is facilitated by the vast knowledge it houses and also its swiftness in performing tasks. A powerful virtual assistant like Siri may seem powerless if you are not well educated on its capabilities. In this article, we exhaust a comprehensive Read On

Polaris (Skye) Bank Airtime Recharge Code

Polaris bank may not be among the top-rated bank in Nigeria, but it didn't take its Fintech technological advancements for granted. In a bid to keep up with the trend of developing banking technology. They have set up measures in place, to ensure customers enjoy seamless banking. Thanks to mobile banking Polaris bank customers can purchase items and pay bills directly on/from their mobile phones. Read On

10 Best Mp3boo Alternatives of 2019

Over the years, Music streaming has gained a lot of attention. We have a lot of people streaming songs both at leisure and work time. Music eases tension sometimes; it helps to clear the head. For a lot of people, having access to a wide range of songs created by musicians around the world at their fingertips has been a blessing. Today we have a lot of online platforms, from which enthusiasts can Read On

Zenith Bank Money Transfer Code for USSD Banking

Still, paying regular visits to your bank for transfers? There is a high chance that you may be stuck in the past. Mobile banking has made the whole process super easy. As part of measures taken to offer customers the easiest form of banking attainable, Zenith bank created a USSD code that allows customers to make money transfers on their smartphone. Just like that of Fidelity bank, this USSD code Read On

Spring Vs. Spring Boot: A Comparison of These Java Frameworks

Did you realize that the mobile app market is set to grow by nearly 400 percent in the next few years? This growth is due in part to the overwhelming popularity of smartphones and mobile devices. Most people love finding ways to make their devices more functional. If you are an app developer, you know all too well how important building functional and reliable apps is. The only way to achieve Read On

How to Increase Image Resolution Quickly with Image Upscaler Tool

Image resolution means how much a picture contains pixels per inch. It is demonstrated as DPI (dots per inch), and Image quality or precision depends upon these pixels. For instance, an image of 300 (length) x 300 (height) contains 90,000 pixels. As far as the pixels in your mobile phone increases, the photo resolution increases. That's why 5 megapixels cameras are now considered reliable than 3 Read On

TVMC Download Link, Features, and How to Use Guide

TVMC can be best described as the ultimate Kodi alternative. This is facilitated by the fact that TVMC fixes one of the key causes of Kodi's complexity. Unlike Kodi, TVMC comes packed with all the third-party add-ons you will probably need to watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free. You don't need to go about sourcing for add-ons, add-ons automatically get installed during the setup Read On

10 of the Best Scary Movies on Hulu

Although scary movies may not appeal to a lot of people for very similar reasons, there is still a substantial fraction of people that design a movie that unlocks new levels of suspense. Scary movies generally are movies that feature gory scenes. Scenes that cannot be accommodated by faint of hearts. You are in the right place If you are currently subscribed to HULU and desire a list of the best Read On