10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Having a very capable smartphone camera is one thing, and having a top-notch video editing app to edit the captured video is another important thing. Video editing apps make video records look very professional. In order to reduce the stress of searching for top-notch video editing apps, I have put together a comprehensive list of 10 of the best video editing apps for iPhone and Android. These Read On

Top 3 Reasons to Learn How to Convert Videos

Although videos are so widely used nowadays, most people tend to only have a basic understanding of video formats and settings. It goes without saying that much of the specifics tend to be technical, and to add to that the only real time when you probably really ‘need’ to worry about the video format is when you encounter a video that you’re unable to play. Needless to say, converting videos is Read On

Introducing Movavi Video Converter for Mac

Today with the development of technology we do not require much struggle to find the best technique for any work. Like, earlier it was difficult to use files in our computer because not all of them were useable, proper converter were expensive. But now there are many good converters available in the market and you can find them online very easily. But, which one is good converter for your Mac Read On

Easy useless tips for editing HD Videos

Working with the video of camcorders such as the SonyHDR-HC1 can produce a serious business.  HD videocontains four times the number of pixels that standard definition offers, and it's much moreheavily compressed.  Keep in mind that you need a powerful computer witha lot of memory to deal with the extra data andcompression.  Pinnacle for example, recommends aminimum 512 MB of RAM Read On