Top 3 Reasons to Learn How to Convert Videos

Although videos are so widely used nowadays, most people tend to only have a basic understanding of video formats and settings. It goes without saying that much of the specifics tend to be technical, and to add to that the only real time when you probably really ‘need’ to worry about the video format is when you encounter a video that you’re unable to play.

Needless to say, converting videos is still very much a ‘niche’ area, but as videos have become more and more popular the benefits of knowing how to convert videos has grown too. In fact, there are several great reasons why you should learn how to convert your videos:

  1. To ensure compatibility: Compatibility is a big deal nowadays, and while you may be able to play most formats of video on your PC the same cannot be said of mobile devices. Having the ability to convert your videos between different formats will make sure that you can simply switch any incompatible video to a compatible format, while at the same time also allowing you to use universally compatible formats when sending videos to others.
  2. To optimize a video: Not all devices are able to fully use high quality video, and if you’re playing Full HD quality video on a device with a non-HD screen then it is only going to be displayed at the maximum resolution of the screen. While this isn’t a problem per se, the fact that it will still consume the same storage space means that it is far from optimal – which is why if you were able to convert your videos and optimize them for specific devices it would be ideal.
  3. To compress videos: Instead of just optimizing videos, from time to time you may want to compress them further. When compressing videos the focus is going to be on reducing their file size so that you can have more free storage space, conserve bandwidth, or transfer them more easily. Once again – video conversion will let you compress your videos in a variety of different ways.
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As you can see, the benefits that you could gain from being able to convert videos are pretty clear – but to do so you’ll need a movie converter that is worth its salt. In that regard the Movavi Video Converter should be ideal – due to the fact that it will help you to easily convert your videos.

Frankly speaking you can get a lot more done with the Movavi Video Converter too, and it is capable of automatically optimizing videos for specific devices or platforms, converting audio and image files, creating animated GIFs, and grabbing audio from video. It even comes with several video editing features that will help you to improve and enhance your videos.

It won’t take you long to familiarize yourself with the full length and breadth of the features that are present in the Movavi Video Converter. All of them are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, and before you know it you’ll be able to convert your videos so that they are compatible, optimized, or compressed – depending on what you need.

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  1. Glad I decided to read this post because I now understand why my old mac for desktop has been unable to play HD videos that satisfies my viewing pleasures

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