List of Android Apps you should Consider Installing Right Now

Using an android phone/device can’t be interesting or enjoyable if there are no apps or games to make it happen.

Sometimes you loose files very dear you, but when you read down this article, I am sure such things won’t happen again to you.

Although there are myriad of android apps and games, I have taken a good time to scrutinize these few in this post.

below listed Apps and Games are top class and are sure to keep your
android mobile interesting and attractive to friends and colleagues.

APPS TO HAVE in 2016

Avast Antivirus & Security (free; with in-app purchases)

Avast Antivirus & Security is a strong antivirus app worthy to be
trusted; its PC facsimile is one of the best free antiviruses of 2015.

Numerous additional features are available as in-app purchases not
excluding geofencing and remote data recovery. Enjoy all these in this
app completely free.

Greenify (free)

Ensure your battery ain’t draining unnecessarily. Getting
the most from your phone’s battery is always key, though Android
Lollipop may have its own battery-saving tools, Also, many phones now
posses power-saving modes.

Greenify relaxes in the background
helping to control various apps are using. It will freeze the apps you
permit it to when you’re not operating them, and instantly defrosts them
the moment you need access to it.


Clean Master (free)

can’t bear the annoyance an android phone exerts went it acts slow.
Clean Master is the mop and bucket you need keep your Mobile phone or
tablet clean


Next Lock Screen (free)

Now, your lock screen can be special and attracting! This
new version adds fingerprint scanning, provided your phone supports it;
Smart Contacts and Smart Lock settings that lets you configure how you
unlock your device; it also houses location­ sensitive wallpaper which
changes automatically pending on your location.

Other splendid features
include cool notifications that displays all your missed calls, text
messages and other app alerts without you bordering to “wake” your

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Opera Max (free)

don’t need this app if only you’re lucky enough to have unlimited data
on your phone, or an always filled wallet, and want to get the most out
of your data package.

Opera Max mellows down the size of images
and videos,increase speed of  website load times, and routinely saves
you from around a third to almost half of your general data use.

addition, You can restrict some apps to only ever connect via Wi-Fi, and
not permanently turn off connections when you want to preserve some
data for the month end.

Pocket (free)

You can now gather the best of the internet to read in the later. Did
you find an article interesting but would want to read it later, when
your data is off or you are out of sub? Then Pocket has the solution to

It Allows you save articles and videos to read and watch
later across any Pocket-enabled device, believe me, with Pocket you’ll
never lose interesting articles again to read or share.

WifiMapper (free)

You can now track the best WiFi spots in the world.
Assuming you don’t have a favourable mobile data plan, you will want to use WiFi as much as possible. WifiMapper is an option

Feedly (free; with in-app purchases; Pro account, $5/month)

With Feedly, your best internet sites can be in a handy list. Do
you want to stay in-touch with whats trending on news or your favourite
site? Feedly gat you covered, pulling in the RSS feeds of the sites you
opt to subscribe.

Feedly makes it very easy to indicate new websites, save and share articles articles online.

Must-Have Android Games

Gangstar Town

I can’t forget this Good old story about a car thief in a dangerous town, seeking for easy money.
Complete the missions, collect rewards, steal cars, bikes and military

Price-List of Innjoo Phones & Devices in Nigeria: Updated Regularly

Unlock best guns and ammunition, demolish the whole town on a
tank or helicopter. Streets are full of special force soldiers and
fierce bandits, dirty cops and raging gangs. Will you manage to survive
and get rich!

Dive deep in this world of lawlessness and anarchy, theft cars and illegal weaponry, grand crimes and street fights.

Dead Target Zombie

the World War III occured, country frontier changed, modern warfare
advanced to new era after the Minister of Defense signed a contract with
CS Corporation to perform project Dead Target: transforming prisoners
to incredible evil combat killers.

However CS betrayed and threaten to
trigger a zombie outbreak if the president does not follow their order.
The age of destruction begins.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Shifting away from the fictional modern and future conflicts of Modern Warfare and Advanced Warfare, along with ignoring the alternate future of the absurd Black Ops series, Infinity Ward has taken to space.

The Last Guardian

six years past was the last time we heard from SCE Japan Studio’s incredibly ambitious PS3 adventure-puzzler, The Last Guardian.

story still Hush-hush in mystery revolves around the friendship between
a young boy and strange hybrid creature, Trico.

The latest E3 gameplay
trailer brings back wonderful memories of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus – two of the best games ever released.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy series since its first unveiling in 2006 is back again. Now, for over ten years after its announcement, Final Fantasy XV is finally bursting out later this year.

play as Prince Noctis of Lucis as he goes to reclaim his throne,
retrieve the world’s last crystal and marry the heir of Niflheim.

These are the ones we can list out now, keep in touch for more updates.

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