Raine One Stylish Electric Scooter Gains Rapid Early Traction

When Raine Scooters launched their Raine One model through a Kickstarter campaign on November 11, it met its funding goal of $50k USD in a staggering 43 minutes! Designed from the ground up, this electric scooter is one of the smoothest and safest rides available, which perhaps explains why the Raine One electric scooter is already so well received in the market.

For a long time, it was challenging to find an electric scooter that had all the features that scooter lovers were looking for. Many electric scooter owners were forced to compromise on features. One model may have had the extended range, but lacked speed and power. Another may have had the speed, but also weighed a tonne to accommodate a more powerful motor. This was the case until the arrival of the Raine One electric scooter.

The Raine One seems to be the electric scooter that ticks all the boxes. From a powerful motor that can reach a top speed of up to 50km/h, whilst also maintaining a lightweight frame – the Raine One has it all.

Many electric scooters on the market forget about the end-user. However, underpinned by the design ethos of form following the function, this is not the case with the Raine One. This electric scooter was built to give scooter lovers an experience that they have been screaming out for!

The Team Behind the Raine One

Meet the team

The person behind this incredible electric scooter is James Murphy, the founder of the BajaBoard off-road electric skateboard. The inspiration behind this project was simply because James was unable to find an electric scooter on the market that had the design, power range, and speed that he was looking for. So he decided to use his engineering background to create an innovative electric scooter and equip it with the features he believed every scooter should have.

James was keen to change personal transport in Australia and make commuting fun and enjoyable for every individual. From the beginning, James knew what electric scooter riders wanted and with the Raine One’s made for commuters.

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He later joined forces with Michelle Mannering, a renowned content producer, and Marc Alexander, the co-founder, and CTO of LIFX, with the trio spending the last two years developing this incredible electric scooter.

The Kickstarter Campaign Success to Date

Keen to penetrate the competitive electric scooter market, the Raine One team decided to launch their electric scooter through a Kickstarter campaign. As no strangers to crowdfunding, having launched numerous products through Kickstarter, the team were fully aware of its benefits.

In addition to raising funds, the team wanted to use this platform to receive much-needed feedback from their target customers. They plan to use this feedback to make final changes to the design so they can give their target customers a quality electric scooter that meets their needs and wants.

Venture Capital Seed Funding Announced…

The team set a crowdfunding goal of $50,000 USD, which they were able to hit in a record time of 43 minutes. By the end of the second hour, the figure had already doubled. The team have confirmed they have raised almost 400% of their original target, and have also managed to secure $500,000 AUD in seed funding from Canva investors – Blackbird Ventures.

Raine CEO, Marc Alexander, said that their huge success shows that they have designed an electric scooter that truly caters for the daily commuter. The Raine One team have not only demonstrated that crowdfunding is a valuable resource for small businesses, but they have also shown the power of involving the customer in the design process.

When you include the public, they become a part of the process, which is why Alexander believes that crowdfunding is often more valuable than equity funding.

Features of Raine One Electric Scooter

The Raine One is designed for people who are looking for a stylish, durable, fun, reliable, and affordable electric scooter. Every component of this scooter is made with the utmost precision. All parts are also made of the highest quality and most durable materials. For instance, its frame is made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum material and compact carbon-fibre.

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Below are key features that make the Raine One stand out from the rest.

Excellent tech and safety features

Riding Raine

Raine One is equipped with a 5.1-inch display that shows you everything that you need to know about the scooter’s performance. The huge LCD screen is visible both during the day and night and is equipped with an inbuilt GPS to help guide you to your destination.

This system also enables you to track your scooter at any given time. The featured personalised lighting helps to enhance your visibility both during the day and night. Quality ABS braking and poly-shock braking makes stopping smoother and safer in all conditions.


The Raine One’s X-fold system makes storage easy when not in use. It’s sturdy, but lightweight frame makes it easy to carry this scooter anywhere you want, including onto public transport.

Riding comfort

The Raine One features a wide deck for enhanced riding comfort. The heated handlebars also ensure you’ll arrive at your destination with warm hands, no matter the season.

Powerful performance and range

Raine electric scooters

The Raine One’s lightweight frame, coupled with its powerful motor enables riders to hit speeds of up to 50km/h. The motor is also powerful enough to keep you going at great speed when going uphill. Raine One is also one of the few electric scooters on the market that can recharge for two hours for a minimum range of 20km, and when fully charged, this scooter has a range of 40km. Its soft high-grip tires and poly-shock also ensure that you enjoy a smooth ride.

All in all, the Raine One is no ordinary scooter. If you want to learn more about Raine and their Kickstarter campaign, you can visit their page here.

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