$1m Raised by Topishare: A Fast-Rising Pro-Privacy Social Network

The fast-rising pro-privacy interest-based Social network topishare raised $1m dollar in their Round A and is now valued at $10m.

Topishare transforms social media together with its users, and launched March 3rd 2016. People in more than 70 countries are already taking part in revolutionizing social media through topishare.

At topishare you can have real conversations (topic-based) with the world on whatever matters to you. “We give the control back to the people,” Rotem Peled (COO) says. “We want to regain the dream that was lost in social networks.”

topicshare interest based social network Topishare was created to connect the world, through transparency, freedom and no algorithms. “Connecting the world is not just a nice sentence to say, you need to do it,” Rotem says.

You can share your opinions and knowledge, have the choice to be anonymous. And your data is not mined and sold to whoever wants to buy it.

“Our investor told us there’s a huge need for a better way to connect globally, and he knows topishare is the future,” Rotem says about the investor, who asked to remain anonymous for the time being.

At topishare, everyone is equal: users, business, and topishare. “We want to help people express themselves the best they can, some people are good in writing, others in speaking, some people have dyslexia, others might have other issues disabling them to share what they think and who they are. We want everyone to be able to connect globally,” Rotem says.

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Anyone can join and create kingdoms (topic-based conversations), have 100% organic reach, and have real global conversations.

“We have no algorithms deciding what you should see, or which make you have to tweak your posts in such a way others can actually see what you share,” Rotem says.

Besides the already implemented innovative audio posting, topishare is adding new features in the next few months, one of them the ‘killer’ advertising feature, where users control and can earn from advertising.

Other features that are being added: open API for Kingdoms for people to create their own tools, translation into several languages to increase accessibility, and a mobile application for easier use.

“I am extremely happy that we’ve found an investor who understands the creativity of our business model and who shares our goals and our visions: to transform social media into a fair, open, and inspiring place through topishare,” Rotem says.

“We’ve been very picky choosing the right person to support us, we’ve said no to three other investors. Because we don’t just have a start-up to create a business, we want to change the world for the better.”

[a Press Release sent in by Inge Snip]

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