Smile 4G LTE High-Speed Internet Access: the Rates, Address & everything else

Waoh! It's here again! My fellow high-speed internet lovers are going to really fall in love with the recent expansion of Smile 4G LTE internet and data services to the major cities across the country. Are you looking for internet tweaks, tricks, and cheats? You just have to change your mind and go for this package - Smile 4G LTE speedy internet access. Smile has come with their internet Read On

How to Avoid Internet Censorship on Your Android Device

I am grateful that "the tech diary" has given me the opportunity to publish this article on their blogsite. I’ve found their page to be a great resource for information related to a wide variety of topics including technology related tips and reviews. After you’re done reading, I suggest you take a look at their post on how to block Ads in Apps and make games full Offline version in Android, as Read On

Wi-Fi Theft Prevention: How to Secure Wi-Fi Internet Connection

  You may be expending so much on your Wi-Fi subscription monthly. Unfortunately, you don’t get to use the Wi-Fi to surf the internet before it expires. This can be very painful. Alternatively, your Wi-Fi connection may be very slow. One of the contributing factors to this is that someone may be stealing your Wi-Fi. Therefore, the owner of the Wi-Fi Router have to act fast to stop Read On

Sharing / Gifting GLO Data MB Subscription with others- How to do it

It is now possible to share or gift GLO data bundle subscription plans and MB with other Globacom Nigeria subscribers. Just like we shared last time; the tips for doing same on 9Mobile and Airtel, I have decided to drop that of GLO too. Can't really tell the reason for this recent increase of the numbers of persons requesting to know how to do this, but from the look of things, I can tell Read On

Download highly edited script for mobile site, download portal, chat community or discussion board

I came up with this tutorial after many users have been on my neck since replying to a thread on nairaland , such that my email subjects reads " the very script is using" , free "design of a site like" , 'how to create a site like' , 'guide on how to design a site like and etc. So I want to guide you on how to create a good wap / Read On