10 Most Productive Chrome Browser Extensions for Every User

One of the top-notch features of the Google Chrome browser is its support for a robust list of extensions. These extensions give the chrome browser added functionalities. If you are a freelancer like me or someone who spends a major fraction of the day working on an internet job using chrome, then having chrome extensions that help with productivity is very imperative.

Finding top-notch chrome extensions to boost productivity can be a chore. This is due to the large list of extensions you would have to vet. This article aims at helping you reduce your search, by offering you a comprehensive list of 10 of the best productive chrome extensions for internet users.

1. Todoist

Productive Chrome Extensions

Getting engrossed in a particular task and forgetting the rest is a very common hindrance to having a productive day. Thanks to intuitive thinking, we have a chrome extension that can help you overcome this challenge.  The Todoist chrome extension was designed to help enthusiasts stay productive, by organizing their daily tasks with the due dates.

Having this extension installed on your chrome will keep your abreast of your tasks, helping you avoid spending all your time on one task and neglecting the others.

2. Grammarly


Enter the most popular grammar corrector on Google Chrome’s extension list. Having Grammarly installed as a chrome extension increases your productivity, as you won’t have to spend extra time making reviews. After being installed, Grammarly will highlight all the errors in your written text.

All you need do is tap on those erroneous words and the procedure to correct them using the suggestions provided. Aside from correct wrongly spelled words, Grammarly also helps to fix the grammar and punctuation in sentences.

3. Forest

The Most Productive Chrome Extensions

One of the challenges with staying productive when working online is the distractions brought by distracting websites we love. It could be your favorite gossip blog, your social media accounts, and lots more. These websites are meant to help us unwind and shouldn’t be visited when we have jobs at hand.

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The Forest Google chrome extension helps you stay off those distracting websites, which in turn improves your productivity. It does by allowing you to create a blacklist of websites i.e websites that you are typically distractions. It also features a tree animation that sort of gives you a warning. The tree grows when you don’t visit these websites and also diminishes when you visit those websites.

4. The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender Extension

The fact that Google chrome tells a lot on the performance of your computer. It’s a RAM crusher. There is a high tendency of having chrome run slowly with more tabs. However, opening multiple tabs is sort of inevitable for a lot of reasons which aren’t far fetched.

The Grear suspender helps with this challenge. It does this by suspending the activities on inactive tabs, allowing the active tabs to run smoothly, which will in turn make your chrome browser work faster.

5. StayFocusd


Much like Forest, stay focusd is another chrome extension that is focused on helping you do away with distractions that will hinder you from being productive, wasting your time.

The Stay focusd extension does this by allowing enthusiasts to block access to websites that cause distraction for a particular duration during the day. It also lets you block content like videos, games on websites.

6. One Tab

“OneTab” from Chrome store

Having a cluster of tabs opened in your chrome browser can be a pain in the ass. It becomes difficult to tell which is which amongst other discomforts it brings.

The OneTab Chrome extension helps reduce this cluster, by arranging all your tabs in a list, making them more accessible. There are also claims that it helps reduce the strain on your computer that arises from having many chrome tabs open.

7. Ghostery

Ghostery extension

Annoying ads is a very big thing with websites today. It all boils down to website owners being able to make as much revenue they can from their platforms.

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However, these pop-up ads can be very annoying, as such there is a need to try and curb these frequent pop-up ads. Ghostery is a Google Chrome extension that lets users visit a website in an anonymous manner which prevents you from spams. It also blocks ads on websites.

8. Full Page Screen Capture

GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture Chrome Browser Extention

The Full page screen capture extension allows enthusiasts to screenshot a whole page to be saved in picture format. Having a screenshot of web pages can be very effective in tutorials on pointing out insights.

Having this extension installed on your chrome browser means you won’t have to bother about learning the shortcuts for taking screenshots.

9. Google Keep

Best Chrome extension screenshot: Google Keep

Enter one of the most popular note app available today. The Google Keep extension helps create a note and set reminders, similar to what we have with the conventional apps.

Having installed Google keep as an extension on your chrome browser, you can use it to create memos outlining your tasks for the day and also other important information you won’t want to forget.

10. Push Bullet


Last but certainly not least is the Push Bullet extension. It is an extension that creates a bridge between your smartphone and your computer.

Once synced, the Push Bullet extension will let you view notifications from your smartphone on your computer, let you transfer files from your computer to your phone, answer your smartphone calls on your computer.

Wrapping up:

There you have it – a comprehensive list of the 10 best and super productive Google chrome browser extensions for users of all classes. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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