is a Scam! See my Review/Negative Experiences (owned by Entireweb Sweden AB) is a Scam, judging from my recent experiences with their services. My sole reason for sharing this review, not minding the small amount in contention is to let you thread with caution when dealing with add more traffic website or similar websites/schemes.

Add More Traffic Dot Com Review: My Negative Experience in Full

I can not really recall how I got to know about this website but could remember it was from an email newsletter (could be spam or some promotions) I clicked on to their website for the first time.

Their Offering of about 8000 likely USA visitors for $22 was quite enticing but very suspicious too. I made some searches to see if there’s any review about them but couldn’t find any.

I decided to start my campaign with one of their lower plans ($22) to see how unique their visitors were and to make sure they aren’t going to be sending bots to me.

After making the payment, I was given a to monitor the visits, I was disappointed for a while as I was expecting a small GUI dashboard with stats and progress.

Few weeks passed without any sign of the traffic. I contacted their support who neither responded nor made any effort to answer my tickets.

I sent series of support messages without any person responding to them. This was what really triggered the red flag and at this point, I knew that I have dealt with a dishonest website.

Keystone Bank Money Transfer Code

Then, I decided to open a dispute with PayPal for the transaction amount but got no feedback from their end after some days.

I closed the PayPal dispute (since the money involved is very little) and thought it wise to share my negative experiences with their support and services.

What More?

This is my experiences with so far, they are the wrong option to take when looking for websites to buy traffic at a flat rate.

They will only end up wasting your time and money on a traffic package you are never going to get.ย  I’ll instead, advise that you go with trusted sources when looking for reliable USA traffic at an affordable rate.

Have you had bad or good experiences with add-more-traffic-dot-com services in the past? Please, share your experiences with us below.

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  1. Stephen says

    Thanks for the review. I almost purchased the same plan after receiving their email.

  2. Tony says

    Hi. I purchased the same plan and have not heard anything. I have raised a ticket and not had a reply. I had a so called link to check the status of my ticket which was just a loop. Don’t use this.

    • Thanks for sharing your negative experiences with Tony.
      Do have a productive week ahead.

  3. Isaac Kelly says

    Thank you so much for this informative post. I am sorry to hear about your negative experience with such an unethical website. By sharing this, You have helped alot of people who would have otherwise been scammed, Including myself.

    I was planning to give them a try to launch my fairly new website:

    At this point, I’m just learning all I can and trying to improve rankings with on page SEO and hopefully begin receiving some organic traffic soon. It’s a slow process but these paid traffic sites seem to all be shady.

    Thanks again

    • Thanks for dropping by Kelly,

      Apart from social networks and expensive PPC platforms, there’s only but a handful of decent paid traffic sources out there. I used some really cheap ones that works for my new websites and/or that of clients.

      • jeremy says

        Hi, what paid traffic sources did you use ?

        • Hi Jeremy,

          Thanks for dropping by. For paid traffic, I mostly use Google, Bing, and Facebook.

  4. Isaac Kelly says

    Would you mind sharing which affordable paid traffic sources that gave you good results?

    Do you think they would be effective for my travel website?

    • Hi Kelly,

      Please do look up my earlier response to Cancun. Instagram ads is great for travel/hospitality businesses.

  5. Pelletier Thanh says

    I wanna SEO this site. Please recommend me the best place to buy SEO service. Thanks! My website is

  6. Azeem says

    Hi Can anyone provide me a source of traffic where i can get any sales for my website (

  7. skyrich says

    got the $22 8k “100% Human Traffic”…yea right. I actually got vistors. they clam it was the 8k. but both my web site and google analytics show a little over 4K. and every one of them were bots. well unless you believe 4k people hit my page at and they ALL exited the site in under one second….Should have done a bit more research


    I actually have “addmoretraffic” website pulled up on my computer right now, but then decided to do a review search on another page for this company. Thank you very much for posting your review. Just closed their page without signing up. Do you have a list of trusted lower price traffic sites I could look into for my website.

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      Like what budget range are you looking at? exactseek have similar low traffic bids, but converts for only non-competitive niches (based on personal experience).

  9. Jason says

    Thumbs up from me too!๐Ÿ‘
    Think very important people undertake things like you have done here..
    I was also on the verge of dipping my toes in with these people.. but luckily i did a review..
    It is off topic, but i will pass on to anyone reading not to register with ‘add people’..
    Lot of promises, lot of money.. little to show. There really are some w*****s out there who will take advantage of a small business trying to get themselves established.
    I must say i am at my witts end as to how to market my site!!… it seems like most of the tutorials out there offer 4 fifths of the info but leave out the really important bit! Maybe its jyst me? But thats how it looks to me..
    It’s so hard to get established and rank on goigle – impossible to me..
    I would be interested in any advice or any ‘reputable’ teaffic sources – indeed if there really are any??-
    I would love to leave a link to my site but i am not a spammer !! And assume it’s against ‘protocol’ to do so.. so i wont!
    Once again, great post ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘..

    • Hi Jason,

      I can recommend some paid traffic sources for you depending on your max budget and conversion strategies. Some traffic are only good for reducing alexa rank and increasing external website stats while a few of them really converts.

      If you are in the US, you can use the free $100 ads credit from Google and Bing to kickstart your promotion strategies and also the FREE $50 credit from linkedin and clicksor. Just let me know the kind of product you’d like to promote so I can give my recommendations. But for whatever you’re doing, avoid these bad paid traffic sources.

  10. John says

    My experience with addmoretraffic hasn’t been that bad after all, I mean we are not talking about adwords traffic here which converts very well but it is really expensive as well.
    I have received the traffic that they promise in their website and it only takes me an email to them to received my money back when for some reason my website had any issues and they can’t send the traffic.
    You have to know this traffic is not going to be the best, that is why you have to have the a product suitable for their traffic and know how to make money with it.

    • Hi John,

      I guess you were lucky to get a response or maybe they’ve started delivering the traffic. In my case, the bitly link they provided still have zero visits till date and I didn’t get a single response to the tickets I created. I mean – no single response till date, despite the multiple tickets.

  11. Wayne says

    I also was about to buy traffic for my website but, I wont now. I will be looking at other places to buy traffic now. Thanks for the information.

  12. Alan says

    I have pay for 8000 visitor, and has begon on analytics to show 10 people per minut, but after 8000 visitor no one hes ben registrated on my homepage, I just think the visitor was people who clik to earn money, something else I can not imagine, sorry my bad english

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