Top 3 External Hard Disk Drives of 2017

Every time we try to replace an old hard disk or add a second one, we spend a certain amount of time for the installment.  In addition, we must first backup the information while flash drives don’t always have enough storage space.

Best External Hard Disk Drives

The most acceptable solution in this case will be – to buy an external 1 Tb hard disk drive. We bring to your attention the list and ratings of the best external hard drives according to the results of our many tests.

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List of Top 3 External Hard Disk Drives of 2017

Here comes the main part of today’s discussion: sharing the top 3 external HDDs that are making waves in tech stores.

They were chosen based on popular demand, positive buyer’s feedback, reliability and the many tests we carried out before coming up with this list.

WD My Passport Ultra

WD My Passport Ultra

The brand that has been tested with time. Offers different capacity options (500 Gb, 1 Tb, 1.5 Tb, 2 Tb and 3 Tb), four color variations (black, blue, white and dark red) and excellent compatibility with PC and Mac OS.

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This external hard drive comes with three special utilities – WD Utility, WD Security (password-protected) and WD SmartWare Pro ( Dropbox backup).

My Passport has support for USB 3.0/2.0. When USB 2.0 is connected, the read speed is 30 MB/s, the write speed is 28 MB/s. When using USB 3.0 the speed is impressive: 118 MB/s – for reading and 120 MB/s – for writing. The disc operates almost silently and it does not vibrate.

Seagate Expansion

Seagate Expansion

Seagate Expansion is available in 5 memory options: 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB and 4 TB. It has support for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 and uses the same port to transmit information and receive power.

With a speed of 5400 RPM, Expansion outperforms WD Passport Ultra and many other modern drives. During the tests the disk showed the following results: writing- 121 MB/s, reading – 129 MB/s.

In my humble opinion, having a reliable 1TB Seagate expansion external drive is more economical than trying to upgrade the built-in drives in older machines.

 Toshiba Canvio Connect II

Toshiba Canvio Connect II

Toshiba’s compact external hard drive Canvio Connect II (with model no. HDTC810XK3A1) features: a decent, reliable and highly efficient software tool (known as; Pogoplug PC and NTI Backup Now EZ).

The device is available in four versions of the built-in memory: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 3TB and in five colors – black, blue, red, white and white-gold.

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Canvio Connect has support for both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. When transferring data via USB 3.0, the write speed is 100 MB/s, and the reading speed is 98 MB/s.

Wrap Up:

The large amount of memory, long operation, high speed of reading and writing from the disk, compactness and the ability to record information unlimited number of times are the main advantages of modern external hard drives that you should definitely take into account while choosing which model to buy. Indeed, there’s no such thing as too much space!

Do you have a thing or two ask about hard disk drives in general? Or needs our recommendation for the right external disk drives to buy? Use the comment section below to communicate same to us. We’ll try to respond to you not later than 48 hours.

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