Surefire tips to get your Windows 8 Electronics Last Longer

Always Read the User Manual :

As strange as this might sound, many (at least the few that I ‘ve seen ) Do not attempt to read the user manual when they purchase their new machines, all they do is unpack the device , celebrate the beauty , read the specification and next the manual is on top of their cardboard or at worst in their disposal bin. This is generally a very bad practice for electronics to say the least, let alone one running windows 8. Always attempt to Read the manual, it will give you some basic guide at least for maximum experience at first use, it will also guide you with some basic warning and compatibility recommendations.

Follow Best Practices
Every device has some basic practices that are termed best ‘cos it’s generally accepted by everyone. Best Practices to be strictly observed for your windows 8 machine includes and not limited to:
Always be careful about allowing absentmindedness toward the position or state of your machines.
Never allow water or drinks split on your devices
Try as much as possible to keep your machine very neat and moisture free.
Do not keep your devices very close to fire , inferno , too cold area and watery places
Put your devices inside your handbag , hand purse, suitcase or luggage bags

Follow Recommended Practices
As a computer expert support team, I have come to understand how electronic devices work and can tentatively give you some basic recommendation that will blow 10 years more into the lifespan of your new windows 8 machine. Some of the few recommended practices for your new windows 8 electronic machines include:
Buy an external enclosure, chases or skin for your machine ( this will help prevent physical damage from directly affecting  the body of your machines )
Buy screen guard or protector for your windows 8 machines
Always clean the screen of your machine with a lint-free cloth
Add external memory storage to compliment the inbuilt device storage ( external hard disk drive and memory card will help keep some needless load off your devices , which in turn increases the performance and hdd life of the machine
Always be cautious when removing the power cord, the charger and the earpiece. Also note that wrapping any of the cord tightly around itself  isn’t a brilliant practice

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