Keystone Bank Airtime Recharge Code

The major advantage of technology and innovation is that it reduces the stress of carrying out our day-to-day tasks. This fact is true for all sectors. The application of technological advancements makes everything go seamlessly. Fintech and Banking systems have also been made to seamlessly buy technological innovations, one of which is the ability for customers to purchase airtime without having to search for a physical vendor.

Keystone Bank has employed the use of a special USSD code, which is fondly referred to as the Keybank Airtime Recharge code, to offer customers a very seamless method for purchasing airtime directly from their smartphone. This USSD code doesn’t require airtime or the internet to work. Customers get to keep their mobile phones recharged anytime and on any day.

In this article, you will learn how to use the Keystone Bank Airtime Recharge code to purchase airtime directly on your smartphone. You will also learn about the prerequisites needed to use this USSD code.

How To Use Keystone Bank Airtime Recharge Code

Keystone Bank Airtime Recharge Code

The process of purchasing airtime from your Keystone bank is powered by a special USSD code peculiar to Keystone bank. Having knowledge of this USSD code means you have gained 60% of the knowledge needed to purchasing airtime from your cell phone. However, knowing the requirements that make up the remaining percentage of knowledge needed is key. The requirements needed to use the Keystone airtime recharge code are outlined below for your learning:

Polaris (Skye) Bank Airtime Recharge Code
  • You must have an active Keystone bank account
  • You must have linked the phone number with your Keystone  bank account
  • You must have sufficient funds in your Keystone Bank account

The requirements outlined above are pretty basic. You don’t have to go through rigorous processors. They are the requirements you have already met during the account opening. Please make sure you meet the requirements before you proceed to purchase airtime from your Keystone bank account.

Recharging Your Registered line with The Keystone Bank Recharge Code 

To recharge the registered line,

  • Dial *7111*amount#
  • Or
  • Dial *7111*0#  and follow the screen prompts

Recharging other Lines via Keystone Bank USSD Recharge Code

  • Dial *7111*amount*phone number#
  • Or
  • Dial *7111*0# and follow the screen prompts

In Summary:

If you love a seamless airtime purchase system, then the Keystone airtime recharge code is the way to go. You are advised to follow the steps outlined in this article. If you get confused at any point, feel free to drop your question in the comment section below.

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